Jaime Pressly My Accountant Screwed Me In My Garden

1/19/2015 1:45 PM PST

Jaime Pressly -- My Accountant Screwed Me in My Garden

Jaime Pressly doesn't have grounds that would justify a $220,000 gardening bill, but she definitely thinks she has grounds for suing her ex-accountant who paid that tab to her landscaper. 

Jaime claims in a new lawsuit ex-pencil pusher Daniel Rivero paid the loot over just 5 years, which she says is ridiculous since she has a fairly modest home in the San Fernando Valley.

But it doesn't stop there. The actress says the accountant screwed up her taxes and now she owes $850K to Uncle Sam. And there's more. She says the guy made 3 bad business investments that cost her $170K.

Pressly's now asking for $900K plus punitive damages.  

So much for lawn and order.