The Situation I Can't Tan Anymore 'Cause I Just Lost My Salon

2/16/2015 12:30 AM PST

The Situation -- I Can't Tan Anymore, 'Cause I Just Lost My Salon


3:25 PM PT -- A rep for Mike tells TMZ ... "He currently holds no interest in the salon and had nothing to do with the unpaid bills."

The Situation's gonna turn fifty shades of white, because we've learned he's losing his tanning salon for good.

We're told Sitch fell behind on his rent for his Jersey skin bakery. His landlord went to court and they struck a deal where Mike would pay around $32K to the landlord ... the first $5,500 installment was due on January 15.

The date came and went, and the Sitch couldn't fork up the cash, so now there's a notice on the salon from the marshal ordering that all the stuff inside be moved STAT, because in 3 days the landlord's coming in, like it or not.

As you know, Mike is facing criminal tax fraud charges.

So now it's just gym and laundry.