'Pirates of the Caribbean' Knife-Wielding Intruder CAPTURED

3/11/2015 6:27 AM PDT

'Pirates of the Caribbean' -- Knife-Wielding Intruder ... CAPTURED

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Seems someone is going to be walking the plank ... because police in Australia have captured the guy who allegedly threatened a security guard with a knife after trying to sneak onto the set of the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie.

The 22-year-old was charged Wednesday with one count of "going armed as to cause fear" ... he'll appear in court on March 27, presumably without his bird.

The guy was taken into custody with the parrot still on his shoulder. Way to stay committed to the bit, pal!

As for the actual movie ... shooting is being interrupted slightly after Johnny Depp mysteriously injured his hand (not during shooting) and flew back to the U.S. for surgery. The injury is not expected to affect the release date. 

(H/T Gold Coast Bulletin for the intruder pic)