MC Supreme's Daughter It's Malibu's Fault My Father's Dead

11/11/2015 12:20 AM PST

MC Supreme's Daughter: It's Malibu's Fault My Father's Dead


'90s rapper MC Supreme was killed on a treacherous stretch of highway because Malibu and California repeatedly drop the ball on safety measures, according to his daughter's wrongful death lawsuit.

Yahdiya Coleman just filed against the city, the state, and Phillip Torres -- the driver who slammed into Supreme's car while he was parked on the Pacific Coast Highway. In the suit, she blasts the city for failing to install warning signs, lights or guardrails in the area. 

Supreme was killed back in June ... not far from the part of PCH where Caitlyn Jenner had a fatal car crash. Investigators blamed Jenner's crash on inattentiveness, and Coleman thinks that was a factor in her father's death too. She also alleges Torres was drunk or high.

Several Malibu locals, including Rob Lowe, echoed Coleman's concerns after Supreme's death -- with Lowe even blasting the city on Twitter.