Mandy Moore My Divorce Is Going to the Dogs ... and Cats Too

12/9/2015 12:50 AM PST

Mandy Moore: My Divorce Is Going to the Dogs ... and Cats Too


Mandy Moore's divorce has hit a hiccup thanks to her house full of cats and dogs.

Mandy filed to divorce singer Ryan Adams back in January, and she just filed new docs saying they've been unable to agree on a settlement because Ryan won't pay spousal support, beyond splitting their mortgage. 

In the docs, she says Ryan earns $151k per month while she rakes in less than a quarter of that.

Her other issue ... their EIGHT pets -- 6 cats, 2 dogs -- that she says she's been taking care of on her own since they separated. Mandy says Ryan promised to take at least 2 of the cats, but didn't.

Translation: He p**sied out. 

Now Mandy wants Ryan to pay her $37k per month until they sort out the divorce terms -- and she's insisting he take 4 of the pets immediately. Sounds like someone's gonna be shoveling s**t.