Ex-Mouseketeer Arrested for Punching Cop ... Months Before Death

12/14/2015 12:40 AM PST

Ex-Mouseketeer Marque Lynche: Arrested for Punching Cop Months Before Death


Marque Lynche -- the former Mouseketeer found dead in his apartment -- got into a bizarre fight with an NYPD officer ... just a few months before he passed away. 

The ex-Mouseketeer and former "American Idol" semi-finalist illegally jumped a subway turnstile back in August and when cops approached him ... he lashed out, punching one of them in the face and smashing him in the head with a bottle of soda. 

Lynche was charged with assault. There's no mention of drugs or alcohol in the police docs.

34-year-old Marque died before the case went to trial. There's no cause of death yet, toxicology results are pending.