Shannon Twins Thief Stashed Our Cash Inside Her Vagina

1/29/2016 2:28 PM PST

Shannon Twins: Thief Stashed Our Cash Inside Her Vagina


The Shannon Twins were the victims of quite possibly the strangest, grossest alleged burglary attempt of all time -- and it involved a real life keister job.

Cops responded to a burglary call at the twins' Beverly Hills salon, Glam. Witnesses tell us a woman snatched cash from the register, slipped it inside her vagina and tried to make a run for it -- but an employee stopped her until cops arrived. 

Law enforcement sources tell us the woman was indeed "secreting money from an orifice" when officers arrived ... although they couldn't specify which hole. Witnesses say a female cop had to literally "rip it out of her."

The twins weren't there during the freak incident, but had plenty to say afterward.

The woman was taken to a hospital for a psych evaluation. 

As for just how much dough she allegedly smuggled ... the twins don't have an exact count yet. One of their employees made the wise decision to wash the cash. Money laundering -- sometimes it's necessary.