'Mob Wife' Sues My Lawyer's a Screwup Who Cost Me My Jewels

2/16/2016 9:14 AM PST

'Mob Wives' Ramona Rizzo Sues ... My Lawyer's a Screwup Who Cost Me My Jewels


"Mob Wives" star Ramona Rizzo can't get $154,000 worth of jewelry back from the feds because her lawyer's an "incompetent" idiot ... according to the lawsuit she just filed.

Rizzo says federal agents were gunning for her bf Joseph Sclafani in 2011 when they raided their home and took 42 pieces of her jewelry. Rizzo insists all of her stuff was legally obtained and the feds have no reason to hold it.

She hired Tim Parlatore to help her get the goods back, but says he bungled the mission by turning in paperwork late, and failing to tell her when the feds requested documentation to prove the jewelry wasn't ill gotten.

Rizzo says she could have recovered "a significant portion" of the jewelry had she known.

She's suing Parlatore for the $154k value of her jewelry, plus damages for the "sentimental" loss. BTW ... Sclafani eventually got 15 years for dealing drugs.

Unclear if she's sentimental about that loss.