Beyonce's 'Cousin' Nightclubs and Rappers Want Me Bad!!!

3/23/2016 12:21 PM PDT

Beyonce's 'Cousin': Nightclubs and Rappers Want Me Bad!!!


Beyonce's "cousin" who says she met Bey at a funeral has been hit up by a slew of nightclubs ... and a slew of drooling rappers.

Kristin Douglas appeared on "TMZ Live" Wednesday and said she had no idea her sister Kelsi Leggett (left) posted the pic on Instagram, and Kelsi says she even blocked Kristin from viewing the pic because Kelsi knew Kristin didn't like it.

Both women are blown away by the reaction ... Kristin now has 80k followers. But even bigger, she told us a bunch of clubs want her to appear -- for a price -- and some admiring rappers have also inquired.

BTW ... turns out Beyonce and the 2 women are not cousins, or even related. The guy who died is Beyonce's uncle and the godfather of Kristin and Kelsi.