'RHONJ' Star James Marchese Arrested, Yanked Off Plane ... Allegedly Attacked Amber

4/20/2016 6:33 AM PDT

Ex-'RHONJ' Star James Marchese Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Amber


Former 'Real Housewives' star James Marchese got busted for domestic violence after allegedly getting into a fight with his wife Amber on a plane, but he swears the cops and the airline got it all wrong.

Law enforcement sources tell us the ex-'RHONJ' stars had just boarded their Virgin America red-eye flight at LAX, and before they took off the airline called cops to report James for grabbing Amber by the throat and threatening to hurt her.

LAX PD officers responded and yanked James off the plane. He was booked for felony domestic violence, but Amber immediately showed up at the police station to help bail him out.

We got video of the couple leaving the station ... walking hand in hand. James played it off like nothing happened on the plane, and more than hinted he's taking legal action -- "I guess Virgin Atlantic wanted to take care of my kid's scholarship fund."