Jared Fogle Wins $180k from Child Porn Partner

4/25/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Jared Fogle Wins $180k from Child Porn Partner in Crime


Jared Fogle just scored a big financial victory over his old employee, Russell Taylor, that could pay the convicted child molester six figures.

Fogle had sued Taylor over a $191,000 loan he gave him in 2014 to buy a house, but according to the docs ... Taylor stopped making his monthly payments to Fogle in May 2015.

Of course, Taylor got busted on April 29, 2015 -- the first domino in the whole Fogle case -- so kinda makes sense he stopped paying. He was a little busy.

In any event, Jared just won the lawsuit, which means he can sell Taylor's house to get back the $184,000 he's still owed.

Not that either of them needs a house -- Taylor's busy serving 27 years for child porn and child exploitation ... and Fogle's doing a 15-year stretch