Cannes Film Festival Grab Our $60,000 Swag Bag ... Save the Planet

5/12/2016 9:17 AM PDT

Cannes Film Festival: Grab Our $60,000 Swag Bag ... Save the Planet


Leonardo DiCaprio might not wanna skip out on the $60k in free swag at the Cannes Film Festival celebrity gifting suite because one of the freebies is a $40k solar power system. Score one for climate change!

That's only the start in the GBK Lounge where they're also handing out a $10,000 Soundwall system, a $2,500 Gevril Swiss watch and a bunch of vacations.

In the downer (but necessary) dept ... Heritage Financial is kicking in a $2,500 certificate for advice on wills and estate planning -- 'cause remember, you can't take all this stuff with you.

LifeCell Skincare is sponsoring the event -- not that any Hollywood celebs use anti-aging cream or anything.