Tupac Workout Bench for Sale ... $100k Piece of History

10/18/2016 12:40 AM PDT

Tupac's Workout Bench on Sale for $100k


The old Death Row Records gym equipment Tupac once used is up for grabs, and the seller wants a king's ransom for it.

A little backstory ... when Death Row went bankrupt everything in the office was sold -- from Suge Knight's engraved cigar cases to the famous electric chair ... it all went to the highest bidders.

The gym set -- which Tupac used for his 1995 post-prison interview on MTV -- went for $1,166. We're told the buyer actually pumped iron with gear ... but is now hoping it can score him a heavy sack of cash on eBay. The starting bid is $100k.

Check out the pics ... it's hardly Gold's Gym quality equipment, but Gold's probably doesn't have a bench where Tupac planted his ass.