Migos Bad and Boujee Night Brings in $100k for Strip Club

1/27/2017 12:30 AM PST

Migos' Bad and Boujee Night Brings Strip Club Over $100k


Migos' album release party at a NYC strip club was a win-win-win for the group, the club and all the strippers!

The shindig went down this week at ACES in Long Island City, NY. We're told the packed night brought in more than $100k in profit, and $20k of that was the stacks Migos dropped on the dancers and booze.

If you're wondering what a bad and boujee booze order looks like ... our strip club sources tell us the fellas pounded 3 bottles of Ace of Spades, 4 bottles of Ciroc, 2 bottles of Hennessy and 2 bottles of 1942 Don Julio.

Desiigner and Fabolous were there to help with the booze ... and the ladies. Look for Desiinger turning up on the stage.