Boosie Meek Mill Will Be Out in 10 Months With Way Fatter Pockets!!!

11/10/2017 12:50 AM PST

Boosie Says Meek Mill Will Only Do 10 Months and Get Richer Than Ever


Boosie thinks Meek Mill should be celebrating his 2 to 4-year sentence ... because he's gonna do way less time than that, and make way more money than he would if he wasn't behind bars.

We got Boosie at LAX and he told us a guy like Meek can do this bid with his eyes closed, especially because his controversial prison sentence will most likely translate to only 10 months with good behavior.

Boosie, who did 5 years himself, says the real benefit will be waiting when Meek walks out of prison.

Crime may not pay, but prison pays off like a mutha ... according to Boosie, anyway.