Bad Religion Guitarist to Ex-Wife Your Harassment, It Struck a Nerve Gets 100-Yard Shield

12/18/2017 5:20 PM PST

Bad Religion's Greg Hetson Gets New Restraining Order Against Ex-Wife


The guitarist from Bad Religion has another bad situation with his ex-wife -- he just got a new restraining order against her.

Greg Hetson was granted the protection from Alia Hetson ... after filing docs saying Alia banged on his front door earlier this month around 3 AM, and yelled for him to come talk to her. She left, but returned an hour later to knock on his bedroom window.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Greg says he completely crushed any hope of them getting back together at the end of November, and insists she's been stalking and harassing him ever since. He also suspects she broke into his place through a doggy door.

The exes have gone back and forth with restraining orders and police visits for years. 

For now, she has to stay 100 yards away from Greg.