'Survivor' Winner Ben Does Shots with U.S. Marine Buds After Winning $1 Mil!

12/21/2017 10:53 AM PST

'Survivor' Winner Ben Driebergen Does Shots with U.S. Marine Buddies


New "Survivor" champ Ben Driebergen gathered his inner circle of pals from the Marines and raised several tiny glasses to his $1 million victory. Oorah!!! 

We got these pics of the retired Marine doing shots Wednesday night in Hollywood ... right after he won the 35th season of "Survivor." Ben and co. were celebrating at The Parlor where he was definitely the center of attention.

He posed for selfies with every fan who walked up to him -- including past players Bret and Hannah -- and by all accounts was totally humbled by his victory. While he was rightfully basking in the glory, some fans didn't dig the show's surprise ending -- Ben dodged elimination at final tribal council by winning a fire-making challenge.

Ben's celebration says it all ... don't hate the playa, hate the game!