Lisa Marie Presley Estranged Hubby Opens Up About Marital Gender Pay Disparity

1/22/2018 5:22 PM PST

Lisa Marie Presley's Estranged Husband Opens Up About Marital Gender Pay Disparity

Lisa Marie Presley's estranged husband just conceded she runs circles around him when it comes to income, and that's why he's asking the judge to forcibly open her purse.

Michael Lockwood just filed legal docs asking the judge in the couple's ongoing divorce to make Lisa Marie foot the $450,000 bill for his lawyers' fees. To justify that ... he submitted income declarations that show he makes a tiny fraction of what she pulls in.

According to the docs, Michael earns between $20 and $25 an hour at 2 different music stores, doing things like cleaning guitars and running errands for the owner.

Lisa Marie, on the other hand, rakes in just shy of $350,000 per month with an annual income of $4.2 mil.