Tomi Lahren Yes, Jesus & Prayer Will Stop Mass Shootings

2/19/2018 8:04 AM PST

Tomi Lahren Doubles Down on Prayer Solving Mass Shootings


Tomi Lahren doubled down on her stance the Florida school shooting wasn't about guns ... it's about a lunatic who wouldn't have slaughtered 17 people if he had more religion in his life.

We got the FOX News contributor at LAX Sunday and asked her about Trump tweeting that the FBI could have thwarted Nikolas Cruz if it wasn't so focused on him and Russia. Tomi dodged that controversy, and stuck to her own social media crisis.

Tomi's getting a ton of backlash online for calling for Christians to pray more in the wake of the shooting, instead of talking about gun control. 

We'll say this ... she's sticking to her story. Backlash be damned.