Vic Mensa Arming Teachers Is a Smoke Screen ... Ban the AR-15!!!

2/26/2018 4:51 PM PST

Vic Mensa Totally Against Arming Teachers, Says AR-15 Must be Banned


Vic Mensa says he can see right through President Trump, and insists arming teachers to deter school shootings isn't a real game plan ... it's just a distraction from the assault weapons issue. 

The Chicago rapper was in WeHo Monday when we asked him about the President's suggestion teachers should be packing heat, and Vic's convinced it's "not a real logical solution."

He believes Trump floated that idea as an NRA-sponsored ploy, and fixing the issue is a lot simpler than people make it out to be. He also reminded us, as a licensed gun owner -- who's facing a weapons charge -- he's all about the 2nd Amendment.

Vic also makes an interesting point about schools in Chicago, and presumably other inner city schools ... they don't really deal with mass shootings, despite some other problems.