Chris Martin & Dakota Johnson This Is How We Roll For Coffee Runs in the 'Bu

3/6/2018 10:16 AM PST

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson's Golf Cart Date in Malibu

Chris Martin did his girlfriend, Dakota Johnson, half a favor by dropping her off for a coffee run in his nifty golf cart ... but she had to walk to his crib.

Chris and Dakota were out cruising Monday in Malibu, and her pup was riding shotgun, too. He dropped her off at Starbucks, where she ran in and grabbed a couple of drinks -- but then he flipped a U and bolted.

It may not look like the most chivalrous move on Chris' part, but we're guessing there's ZERO shade here -- grey or otherwise.

Most likely, Dakota just needed to take her furry friend for a walk. Dogs gotta handle their biz, too ... and this was just the couple killing 2 birds with one ride. No offense to birds.