Chris Martin Unloads on Autograph Seekers ... After 'Sh***y' Gig

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Chris Martin tore a group of autograph hounds a new one for being way too aggressive in trying to get him to scribble on their crap ... a trend that's becoming more common.

The Coldplay frontman was fuming Monday night after a charity performance he did at the Palladium in L.A. for a prison reform org. He certainly wasn't in the mood for a stop-and-sign after what seemed to be a relatively bumpy set ... where he forgot his lyrics.


That didn't stop the hustlers outside from demanding his attention, though.

Fast-forward to the start of this clip here, which shows Chris going off on the autograph seekers, telling them to treat him with some decency instead of shouting at him from afar.

CM acknowledges he just had a "s****y" gig, and didn't appreciate the reception he received upon walking out. One of the photogs tries to explain why they might've been so assertive, but Chris wasn't having it ... and one of the guys seemed to be firmly in his corner.


Funny enough, Chris ended up doing what celebs often do ... signing the merch and storming away, a la Larry David -- who recently went through something very similar.

Viva la war with these guys.

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'Shameless' Star Jeremy A. White Gets Hitched ... Pals Dakota & Chris Witness

Jeremy Allen White from "Shameless" got married last week -- and Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin kinda stirred the pot themselves by attending.

The actress and the Coldplay frontman were spotted together Friday morning hitting up the Beverly Hills courthouse, where tons of famous folks go to get hitched, or at the very least ... to get a marriage license.

As it turns out, they were there merely to witness their good friends, Jeremy and Addison Timlin, say "I do" to each other in front of an intimate group of guests. Jeremy plays Lip Gallagher in "Shameless," and Addison played Lucinda in "Fallen."

Dakota was photographed inside the courthouse holding Jeremy and Addison's 1-year-old baby girl, Ezer -- who obviously had a front-row view for Mom and Dad's nuptials.

Jeremy and Addison, who got engaged in April, posed for some pretty cute photos as they sealed the deal. They wore matching black denim jackets with the words "Til Death" split between both of them, and what looks to be their pet names for each other outlined in hearts with arrows running through.

We know ... sickeningly romantic stuff.

Of course, Dakota and Chris posed with their friends -- and the happy couple also posted a photo with their baby with the caption ... "The big day."

The reason folks thought it was Dakota and Chris walking down the aisle is because Chris was in a black suit and tie, and Dakota was very done up herself. They've been dating for about 2 years now ... and things seem to be going swimmingly.

Oddly enough, one of Chris' exes was getting married herself across the country the same weekend. As we reported, Jennifer Lawrence married Cooke Maroney in Rhode Island, which proved to be a star-studded ceremony with tons of her friends coming out.

Love ... it's in the air.

Chris Martin & Dakota Johnson This Is How We Roll For Coffee Runs in the 'Bu

Chris Martin did his girlfriend, Dakota Johnson, half a favor by dropping her off for a coffee run in his nifty golf cart ... but she had to walk to his crib.

Chris and Dakota were out cruising Monday in Malibu, and her pup was riding shotgun, too. He dropped her off at Starbucks, where she ran in and grabbed a couple of drinks -- but then he flipped a U and bolted.

It may not look like the most chivalrous move on Chris' part, but we're guessing there's ZERO shade here -- grey or otherwise.

Most likely, Dakota just needed to take her furry friend for a walk. Dogs gotta handle their biz, too ... and this was just the couple killing 2 birds with one ride. No offense to birds.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin Divorce a Done Deal

Gwyneth Paltrow has just filed legal docs, asking a judge to officially end her marriage to Chris Martin ... but we know the docs aren't what they seem.

Gwyneth has asked the judge to enter a default judgment, because Chris never responded to her divorce petition. On the surface it sounds like Chris isn't playing ball, but we know it's the exact opposite.

As we reported, the former couple's business manager has been working out a property settlement, and Chris never responded to the divorce petition because he and Gwyneth didn't want lots of stories written each time documents were filed.

We're told the property settlement is now complete, and they agreed long ago to joint custody of their kids.

So the judge will enter the default and the property settlement will almost certainly remain confidential.

Mission accomplished.

U2, Coldplay Pull Plug On Concerts After Paris Attacks

U2 cancelled a SRO concert in Paris scheduled for tonight in the wake of the deadly Paris attacks.

The cancellation appears to be a reaction to safety concerns. A rep for U2 said, "As a result of the ongoing state of emergency across France, the U2 Paris concert scheduled for 14th November will not be going ahead as planned."

Ditto Coldplay, which cancelled a livestream concert set for the day of the attacks in L.A. Rather than expressing safety concerns, the band said the concert would not go on "out of respect for all the terrible events in Paris."

There were other cancellations as well. The "Bridge of Spies" Paris premiere also did not go on.

Chris Martin Pops Indian Concert Cherry


1.25 BILLION people want a piece of Chris Martin, and he finally gave in last night -- with a surprise performance in India.

Martin was out to dinner with Frida Pinto and folk musician Raghu Dixit in New Delhi on Wednesday night ... when he decided to hop on stage with an acoustic guitar and play a few songs.

Coldplay has never done a gig in India -- even though there are websites begging them to play there. Based on the reception Chris got last night ... looks like he better get the boys on a plane, stat.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin Bougiest Separation Ever

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have separated ... in the hoity-toitiest of ways.

Gwyneth just announced the split on her website Goop, titling it, "Conscious Uncoupling." She says "It is with hearts full of sadness that we have decided to separate."

Gwyneth says, "We have been working hard for well over a year, some of it together, some of it separate, to see what might have been possible between us, and we have come to the conclusion that while we love each other very much we will remain separate."

That sounds more like divorce than separation.

It's interesting ... in March, 2013, TMZ broke a story Chris made an offer on a Brentwood home. His people told us it was for him and his band mates, but Gwyneth got involved and killed the deal, claiming there was mold.

And this is curious ... at the end of last month, they bought a $14 million Malibu estate designed by one of the most famous architects in California history -- John Lautner. Look at the gallery. It's a pretty masculine house, which suggests this is where Chris will live.

Gwyneth says she and Chris will now set off to "uncouple and co-parent."

And that's the goop.

Lindsay Lohan Coldplay Tix Were A Gift from Lead Singer

Lindsay Lohan didn't pay a single cent for her kickass seats at the Coldplay concert last night ... TMZ has learned they were given to her by lead singer Chris Martin himself.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... the two have been "good friends" for years ... and when LiLo found out about the show, she reached out to Chris in the hopes she could take her younger sister to watch the band play.

We're told Chris was more than happy to oblige -- and the band's manager confirms that Lindsay was hooked up with a couple of seats right near the stage.


Coldplay honored the memory of Amy Winehouse with a moving rendition of "Rehab" during their show at the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush concert -- while a TON of stars watched in the crowd.

Lindsay Lohan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Channing Tatum, Kate Bosworth and Heidi Klum were all at UCLA to check out the show.

So to summarize -- Coldplay played "Rehab" in front of Lindsay Lohan ... who once went to rehab at UCLA.

Weird, right?

Gwyneth Sings?

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding Gwyneth Paltrow lately... and not cause she just had a new baby. She had reportedly been recording an album!

TMZ went straight to the source to see (or hear) if the world would be graced with Gwynnie's lovely voice as we were in the film "Duets." Alas... that is not the case. Gwyneth's rep says although she has recorded some minor vocals for producer William Orbit, she is not recording an album for herself.

Guess we'll just have to settle for catching a glimpse of Mrs. Chris Martin backstage at Coldplay, not opening for them.

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