BLM's DeRay Mckesson Kanye's So Wrong About Slavery ... He Needs to Lie Low for a Bit

5/1/2018 5:59 PM PDT

BLM's DeRay Mckesson to Kanye, Slavery 'Was a Choice of White People'


DeRay Mckesson -- a prominent leader of the Black Lives Matter movement -- says Kanye West's right about one thing -- slavery was a choice ... but it was the choice of white people.

We spoke with DeRay Tuesday after Kanye's explosive visit to the TMZ newsroom, in which the rapper said 400 years of slavery "sounds like a choice" ... and the civil rights activist believes Kanye's got a warped sense of history.

Mckesson calls out Kanye for victim-blaming, and reiterates his point -- oppressed people don't have a choice about the bad things inflicted on them. 

DeRay also believes Kanye's simply not making sense because he's uninformed, but has a suggestion on how he can fix that problem.

Hint -- it doesn't involve more TV appearances.