Dr. Oz Kanye's in Danger ... He's Gotta Stay on His Meds!!!

5/2/2018 7:40 AM PDT

Dr. Oz Says Kanye West's Playing a Dangerous Game with Medications


Dr. Oz sees a huge red flag when it comes to Kanye West and prescription meds ... and believes he's playing a very dangerous game.

Oz was in NYC Wednesday morning when he reacted to Kanye revealing he got hooked on opioids after having liposuction. He says the rapper's lucky to be alive, but says there was another equally troubling statement.

Kanye told us he had chosen to drastically reduce the dosage of medication he's been prescribed -- presumably before his mental breakdown -- and Oz says he's heading for disaster, if that's true.

Oz thinks Kanye's issues run deep -- all the way back to his mother's death -- and adds that's why he needs to make sure he's taking his prescribed dose of medication.

As he put it, "Too much or too little could be deadly."