Rudy Giuliani Claims Trump Paid Cohen Back ... For Stormy 'Hush' Money

5/2/2018 7:20 PM PDT

Rudy Giuliani Says Donald Trump Repaid Michael Cohen for Stormy Daniels' $130k

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Donald Trump's going to have even more questions to answer about his relationship with Stormy Daniels now ... and it's all thanks to Rudy Giuliani.

The former NYC mayor was being interviewed by Sean Hannity Wednesday night when the 2 began discussing Trump's "hush" agreement with Daniels ... and the $130k Michael Cohen has admitted to paying her to keep quiet about her alleged tryst with the Prez.

Giuliani was making the case everything that went down was perfectly legal, but then dropped a bombshell by claiming Trump reimbursed Cohen the money ... despite the President's repeated denial of ever knowing anything about the $130k "hush" deal.

Even Hannity sounded shocked ... and gave him an opportunity to correct himself. But Giuliani doubled down, saying the settlement, "is a very regular thing for lawyers to do ... The President reimbursed [Cohen] over several months."