Michael Blackson If Slavery Was A Choice Then Kim's Paris Robbery Was Too!

5/3/2018 3:31 PM PDT

Michael Blackson Says Slavery Was No More a Choice Than Kim's Paris Robbery


Comedian Michael Blackson says he's seen firsthand how slavery wasn't a choice after visiting the Slave Castles in his native Ghana, but he's still willing to give Kanye a pass for his controversial comment.

We got Michael at LAX Thursday and he gave us -- but mostly Kanye -- a lesson about how African slaves were captured at gunpoint. He says Kanye couldn't possibly have meant what he said about slavery being a choice. MB says that would be the equivalent of saying Kim Kardashian chose to get robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

Michael, like many people, thinks Kanye's speaking without fully forming his ideas -- but he has a suggestion for him to snap out of it. Hint: think sunken place.