Steve Aoki Kendrick Was Right N-Word Is Off-Limits to White Fans

5/23/2018 7:13 AM PDT

Steve Aoki Cosigns Kendrick Lamar Stopping Fan From Dropping N-Word


The n-word is off-limits period if you're white, and Kendrick Lamar handled the uncomfortable moment onstage when a white fan rapped the word like a pro ... according to Steve Aoki

Steve told us just that Tuesday as he meandered around Times Square in NYC ... adding Kendrick was super polite in schooling his fan.

Kung Fu Kenny picked a white fan from the crowd at a festival in Alabama to rap onstage with him, but had to stop the song when she repeatedly dropped the n-word in the lyrics.

Aoki says Kendrick did the right thing by giving her another shot but says the schooling was necessary because of the current racial climate in America, which he uses the perfect words to describe.