Andrea Constand Breaks Silence He Gave Me 3 Blue Pills and Sexually Assaulted Me

5/31/2018 6:53 AM PDT

Andrea Constand Breaks Silence About Cosby Drugging and Sexually Assaulting Her

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Andrea Constand has spoken out for the first time -- aside from testifying in court -- about how Bill Cosby gave her 3 blue pills and then attacked her.

Constand spoke to NBC's Kate Snow about the encounter 13 years ago, when she was the operations manager for Temple University's women's basketball program. The then-31-year-old was being mentored by Cosby about a career change when she went to his home for counseling.

Constand explains why she took the pills, and how she tried in vain to fight Cosby off her.

Cosby was convicted on 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault and is awaiting sentencing.

The interview is part of a Dateline special, "Bringing Down Bill Cosby: Andrea Constand Speaks" ... which airs Friday night.