Larry King on Roseanne I've Known Her for Years, Unbelievable ... Sound Familiar?

5/31/2018 7:05 AM PDT

Larry King Can't Believe Roseanne's Racist Tweet, Known Her for Years

Larry King seems baffled by everyone he's known for decades ... and yes, you can add Roseanne Barr to that list. 

The ex-CNN talk show host was out Wednesday in Bev Hills reflecting on Roseanne's swift nose dive following her extremely racist tweet, saying he didn't think that was the woman he's known for 30 years  ... calling her recent pivot into extreme bigotry "bizarre."

Sounds like the people he was once chummy with have changed A LOT since the good ol' days, including President Trump ... whom Larry also said he didn't know anymore.

On the bright side ... the ice cream cone looks delish.