D.L. Hughley Trump's Using Alice Johnson!!! No Real Prison Reform

6/7/2018 7:27 AM PDT

D.L. Hughley Not Giving President Trump Credit for Real Prison Reform


D.L. Hughley isn't giving President Trump an ounce of credit for letting Alice Johnson out of prison, 'cause he says it amounts to nothing more than sleight of hand.

We got the comedian leaving Mastro's in Bev Hills Wednesday night, and he says Trump commuting Johnson's sentence is essentially a Three-card Monte game ... all trick, no real results.

D.L. thinks Alice and her champion, Kim Kardashian, were simply a good photo op -- while Trump's still making other moves that fly in the face of real prison reform. 

He might have a point about the big picture, but for her part ... Alice has expressed nothing but gratitude to Kim and Prez Trump since her release yesterday.

As we first reported, Alice will meet Kim face-to-face soon.