Federal Bureau of Prisons Preps Yom Kippur In Wake of Hurricane Florence

9/16/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Federal Bureau of Prisons Preps for Yom Kippur in Wake of Hurricane Florence


Some Jewish federal prisoners wanna keep things kosher for Yom Kippur ... and the Federal Bureau of Prisons is accommodating, especially for facilities affected by Hurricane Florence. 

The docs show the Bureau spent $21,799 on kosher items, with the holiest Jewish holiday coming up -- which begins sundown Tuesday with a breakfast Wednesday at sundown. 

Jewish prisoners in all facilities around the country will have access to kosher food, but the $21,799 is specifically earmarked for prisons in the path of Florence. The figure represents food already purchased for the hurricane-affected areas, especially in case markets are shut down before Yom Kippur hits. 

The Bureau also dropped $8,650 for Dasani bottled water and $4,269 for 40 basic portable restrooms ... all for prisoners in the event damage from Hurricane Florence disables restrooms.