Anthony Scaramucci Trump Won't Tone Down Rhetoric ... P.S. I Still HATE D.C.!!

10/29/2018 5:42 PM PDT

Anthony Scaramucci Says Liberals Better Brace for Trump 'Nightmare' if GOP Wins Midterms


Anthony Scaramucci is chalking up all the recent finger-pointing at President Trump to liberals being pissed they can't beat the guy, especially ahead of the midterms.

We got the Mooch out Monday at Reagan National Airport in D.C., and he was in rare form -- telling us Democrats are desperate heading into election day. He thinks they're trying everything they can to make DT look bad -- including blaming him for the latest threats and acts of political violence

Still, Scaramucci says IF he were still in the White House he'd suggest Trump do more uniting and less dividing across party lines -- but he admits it would be a futile effort. Trump is who he is, and ain't about to change ... in Mooch's opinion.

And, if that wasn't enough unabashed Trump-defending ... the Mooch takes it one step further by parroting his old boss almost word for word on the "swamp" that is D.C.

It's clear he's still got issues with the town, even though he was only there for a very brief stint.