Fabolous At Your Service at McDowell's Pop-Up ... Dressed as Prince Akeem!

10/30/2018 11:29 AM PDT

Fabolous Dresses Up as Eddie Murphy in McDowell's Uniform at L.A. Pop-Up

Exclusive Details

Fabolous got into the Halloween spirit early by rocking an iconic costume from Eddie Murphy's "Coming to America" ... none other than McDowell's employee, Prince Akeem.

The Brooklyn MC found himself in Hollywood Monday night during the unveiling of a McDowell's pop-up restaurant, taking place at Fat Sal's sandwich shop off Highland Ave. Fab definitely didn't skimp on the details for Akeem's McDowell's uniform. 

He had the plaid vest, bow tie, hat ... and Akeem's signature mop and bucket. We're told the rapper also checked out the recreated My-T Sharp barbershop next door, that was also featured in the 1988 flick, where he got a tour and took photos with fans.

Fat Sal's will be keeping the McDowell's pop-up open through Halloween, where they're serving up dishes from the movie like The Big Mick, The Sexual Chocolate Shake and Zamunda Fries.

We know when you think Akeem, you might've thought garbage. But after this ... hopefully, you think Fabolous. Dude's outfit is on point! We shot him in McDowell's with the 'stume, and people definitely seemed to be diggin' it.