Chris Brown Files Defamation, Criminal Case ... Against Rape Accuser

1/24/2019 7:41 AM PST

Chris Brown Files Defamation and Criminal Case Against Rape Accuser


2:15 PM PT -- The translated document erroneously changed the number of the penal code statute. Avi Bitton, a criminal defense attorney in Paris, tells us the correct statute refers to false accusations and carries a maximum sentence of 5 years.

Chris Brown's Parisian lawyer has made good on his promise ... he just filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman who got his client arrested on rape allegations.

The lawyer, Raphael Chiche, filed the complaint Thursday ... titled "false accusation, committed on January 18, 2019." It appears this is more than a civil defamation case ... according to the doc obtained by TMZ, the lawyer is citing a criminal statute relating to invasion of privacy. A violation of that law carries a maximum 1-year prison sentence. 

As we reported, Brown was freed by cops Tuesday, hours after he was arrested. Sources tell us the Paris police had issues with the accuser's story -- that she was raped and abused in 3 separate rooms by 3 people in Brown's hotel suite, with around 20 people in the living room.

A source close to Chris tells TMZ, he acknowledges he's had "issues in the past," but feels he's become "an easy target for anyone to cry wolf."

Although Brown is free and still working in Paris on his music video, we're told the investigation is ongoing.

Originally Published 7:41 AM PT