Kylie and Travis Baby #2?

2/3/2019 8:35 AM PST

Kylie Jenner Announces Baby #2?

 9:00 AM PT -- Kylie was apparently screwing with people, because she just commented back to someone who asked if she was pregnant, "no lol."

Kylie Jenner may be telling a joke about being pregnant, but maybe she isn't.

Kylie posted this pic of her and Travis Scott embracing with the caption, "Baby #2?"

It could be a joke, but the timing of the post is curious. Kylie announced she had given birth to Stormi on February 4 last year, during the Super Bowl game.  

The new post is 2 days shy of the exact one-year mark of the birth announcement.

What's more, Stormi just had her first birthday last Friday.

And, there's this ... Travis is about to take the stage in ATL during the halftime Super Bowl show ... and an announcement would then go out to the world.

Then again ... she could just be screwing with everyone.