Godfrey Jussie Smollett Needs to Say Sorry ... To Gays, Blacks and Trump Supporters

2/20/2019 6:58 AM PST

Godfrey Says Jussie Smollett Owes Apology to Everyone, Including MAGA Fans


Godfrey seems flummoxed by the Jussie Smollett situation, but he's pretty sure the "Empire" star is lying ... and it's time for him to start an apology tour.

The comedian was outside the Laugh Factory in Hollywood Tuesday night when he gave us his take on the alleged attack, but possible hoax, involving Jussie ... whom he suggests might have a mental problem.

Godfrey tells us he feels duped -- like so many others -- because Jussie's story tapped into racial sensitivities and took advantage of the divisive climate these days. He also points out certain details of the alleged attack he finds shady ... like how Trump supporters don't watch "Empire."

According to Godfrey, it's time for Jussie to start saying sorry to everyone he's hurt -- the gay community, the black community ... and the MAGA fans he threw under the bus. Gotta think Kellyanne Conway would agree.

As for what punishment Jussie should receive, Godfrey believes it's already begun ... and it's a pretty fitting plot line for an "Empire" star.