Roseanne Barr Not All Women Are #MeToo Hos ... Here's What Victims Should Do

3/6/2019 8:04 AM PST

Roseanne Barr Says Her #MeToo Comments Don't Pertain to All Women


Roseanne Barr's struggling to find the right words to clarify her controversial comments about the #MeToo movement, but what she told us about victims probably won't help smooth things over.

We got Roseanne at LAX Tuesday night ... she tells us she didn't mean to imply ALL women who claim they've been sexually assaulted are hos, but added ... there are some who aren't describing reality in their allegations.

Roseanne says rational thinkers get it, but she believes she's being targeted and taken out of context. Then she drops this -- "I think there's a lot of women that shouldn't be going to their boss's hotel room at 3 AM for career advice, and if your daughters don't know that much you better educate them. That's not what you do."

She also asserts that sexual assault victims should go to police immediately -- not 15 years later -- but says this doesn't apply to kids ... and there are different rules for Hollywood women. Watch the clip and decipher.

As we reported ... Roseanne stirred up the controversy this weekend on Candace Owens' podcast when she suggested women who don't run out of the room when powerful men try to take advantage of them are doing sexual favors for Hollywood gigs, and "ain't nothing but a ho."

BTW -- Roseanne also tells us she misses her TV show and wants it back, and believes she'll get justice someday. In the meantime ... she says nobody's going to shut her up.