Young Dolph Not Mad at Crooks Who Robbed Me ... Too Blessed to Stress!!!

3/6/2019 12:40 AM PST

Young Dolph Isn't Mad About Getting Half a Mil Jacked from His Car


Young Dolph's got a lesson for ya in cutting losses and counting blessings -- 'cause he actually has some well-wishes for the punks who jacked a small fortune from his car.

The Memphis MC told us why he's isn't mad about the nearly $500k worth of goods he lost in the smash-and-grab heist last week. We saw him at LAX, and he couldn't have been more chill ... telling us, he's simply "too blessed and highly favored" to give a damn about material stuff.

Considering how much he lost, we wouldn't blame him if he was pissed -- but he genuinely seems at peace with it.

As we reported ... burglars smashed a window on his G-Wagon Friday while Dolph was in a restaurant. They made off with cash, electronics and jewelry ... including a $230k watch. 

Dolph's already hatched a plan to rebound ... and it involves more spending. He also has a message for the suspects who are still at-large -- and it's a nice one!!!