Mama June I'm Blind and Need Help ... Asks Court to Allow BF Back Home

3/27/2019 7:43 AM PDT

Mama June Says She's Blind and Wants Judge to Allow Boyfriend to Care for Her


Mama June says she isn't threatened at all by her boyfriend and needs him by her side because he takes care of her ... this according to new legal docs.

Mama says she is partially blind, and her BF Geno Doak helps her get through the days dealing with it. According to docs -- obtained by TMZ -- she claims he's also very loving toward her kids and they are in love and working on their relationship.

She wants the court to know she does not fear for her safety or worry about what Geno could do to her, so she's asking the court to lift the order saying he has to stay away from her ... and she'd like his domestic violence charge dismissed too.

We broke the story ... Mama June was arrested for allegedly having crack cocaine on her after a gas station domestic violence incident. Geno was also arrested and allegedly threatened to kill her, which is why the court ordered him to stay away. The couple ignored the order, though, by hitting up a casino together a few days later.

Sources close to June's family says Geno's a bad influence on her, but she claims in the docs that's not the case. As for the gas station incident ... June says the situation "got heated and out of hand, but never was I in fear for my safety or did I want the police involved."

She adds she's lived with Geno for 3 years and they're "working on our relationship to make us stronger as a couple."

Geno's facing charges for domestic violence/harassment, and felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. June's also facing a charge for felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.