Mick Jagger I'm Feeling 'Goooood' 2 Weeks After Heart Surgery

4/19/2019 8:03 AM PDT

Mick Jagger Recovering from Heart Surgery, Back Out on the Town

Mick Jagger is back to having nights out on the town -- because neither wild, wild horses nor heart surgery can drag him away ... from an evening of ballet.

The iconic Rolling Stones frontman strolled into NYC's Lincoln Center Thursday night for a performance of "Porte Rouge" ... a ballet starring his 32-year-old GF, Melanie Hamrick. Mick had a stent placed in his heart just 2 weeks ago -- a procedure that forced the Stones to postpone scheduled tour dates this year.

Mick was asked how he's feeling, and his response makes it clear he's on the mend.

Now, obviously he's not back to his hard-partying Studio 54 days yet -- but the ballet's a start. Remember, the dude's 75, after all. Have some sympathy, some courtesy ... and some taste.

No word yet on when the Stones will be back on the road, but this video is a good sign, for sure.