Celine Dion at Met Gala Nice Buns, Hun ... Me Likey Katy's Burger!!!

5/7/2019 7:11 AM PDT

Katy Perry in a Burger Costume Kinda Turned On Celine Dion at Met Gala


Celine Dion's got a thing for hot beef patties, or at least hot beef on Katy Perry -- 'cause she was jonesin' hard when she spotted Katy's Met Gala costume.

Queen Celine was making her way through The Standard, High Line hotel Monday night after the Gala when we asked which actress could best play her in a biopic. She's had quite a life -- so, Celine struggled to come up with an answer, and then ... it happened.

Katy rolled through with what might be the most unique outfit of the night -- a classic American cheeseburger suit, which got Ms. Dijon's juices flowing. Seriously, you gotta check out their delicious wordplay. 

Celine greeted Katy with a peck on the lips, and then a nice squeeze of her bun. Either she was starving at the end of the night or just loves her some Katy -- or both.

Katy's "dress" was a conversation piece all night ... even before Celine feasted her eyes on it. She ran into J Lo in the bathroom, who was politely observational of Katy's fashion choice.

She's kinda known for her unique style at these type of events ... so just another day in the life here, really.