Roseanne I'm Still Trolling On Twitter ... Anonymously

5/21/2019 7:11 AM PDT

Roseanne Says She Avoids More Twitter Trouble with Backup Troll Accounts

Roseanne Barr's plan to stay out of more trouble on Twitter isn't by deactivating her account ... it's by creating secret burner accounts where she can tweet her mind freely.

The former TV star was at LAX Monday night and got to talking about the adjustments she's made to her Twitter game. Mainly, she says instead of posting under her verified account ... she uses anonymous troll accounts she sets up herself.

Roseanne says this gives her the ability to say what she really wants about stuff without having to worry about any backlash ... and she thinks everybody's doing it.

This might be working for her now, but as you know ... she got fired from her show by ABC last year after tweeting a racist insult about Valerie Jarrett, and not anonymously.

She initially blamed Ambien for the tweet, and has since blamed several other factors for her downfall -- anti-Semitism, the fact she's a Trump supporter, Sara Gilbert and even Michelle Obama.

Roseanne clearly thinks she's safeguarding herself from further controversy by utilizing fake troll accounts, but as long as she keeps getting on camera or in front of a microphone as herself ... she's still fully capable of putting her foot in her mouth.