Sharon Osbourne Didn't Watch 'The Talk' Return ... Sheryl Underwood, Who?!?

Sharon Osbourne's walking the walk when it comes to "The Talk" ... she's so done with the show she did NOT watch the show's return on the air, and she's not spoken a word to Sheryl Underwood since their on-air explosion.

Sources close to Sharon tell TMZ ... the ex-'Talk' co-host was otherwise engaged when the show returned to the air Monday following a 3-week hiatus. As you know ... the show went dark after Sharon and Sheryl got into a heated argument over Piers Morgan.


You'll recall things got superheated during the March 10 episode when Sharon defended her good friend Piers ... this after Piers branded Meghan Markle a liar over her claims of Royal Family racism.

What's more ... our sources say Sharon and Sheryl have still not spoken privately since the on-air blowup. It's unclear if Sharon will soon reach out to Sheryl, but one thing's for sure ... our sources say Sharon's putting "The Talk" in her rearview.


For Sheryl's part ... she opened Monday's show from backstage and said the panel would openly discuss what went down on March 10 and how it'll move forward. When asked whether she could remain friends with Sharon ... Sheryl said, "People have asked me, 'Well, if you see Sharon, what would you do?' If she greeted me warmly and sincerely, I would give her back the same, because we've been on this show for 10 years."

She added, "I want people to understand when you're friends with somebody you stay friends with. And what did Maya Angelou say? When people show you who they are, believe them."

Hank Azaria Invited to Meet with Hindu Org ... Over Lingering Apu Guilt

Hank Azaria feels awful about his years-long portrayal of Apu -- but there's still a way he can get right with the Indian community which he, and others, feel has been harmed by the character.

Shereen Bhalla -- a rep for the Hindu American Foundation -- tells TMZ ... Hank doesn't have to torment himself for his work on "The Simpsons," or at least he doesn't have to do it alone. Bhalla says she and the staff at HAF would love to have a sit-down with him.

She tells us coming to the table with them would help Hank do a lot of the learning he seems very open to at this point. Shereen says they can expose him to Indian people's lived experiences, and have a dialogue about his lingering guilt.

Armchair Expert

It's clear from Hank's comments on Dax Shephard's podcast that he does, indeed, have a lot of remorse about Apu ... even going so far as to say he feels the need apologize to every Indian person.

If Hank's concerned about "cancel culture" ... HAF does not want to see that happen to the veteran actor. We're told the group doesn't feel Hank needs to be excommunicated, and believes he's genuinely sorry and willing to educate himself ... which HAF would love to help him do.

As for how to proceed, there are a few options. For one, HAF is offering Hank a third-party facilitated dialogue with Indians across the nation, on or off the record ... his choice. Also, HAF has a podcast called "That's So Hindu" and would be more than happy to have him as a guest.

BTW, we're aware not all Indian people are Hindu ... or even religious for that matter. However, Apu was portrayed as a devout Hindu on the show, so it's all kosher.

Barbara Corcoran Screw Crypto ... Real Estate Makes You Rich!!!


The cryptocurrency craze is not for Barbara Corcoran -- she's into tried-and-true methods of making boatloads of cash and advises everyone to listen up ... before it's too late.

The "Shark Tank" star was out Tuesday in Union Square in NYC, and she made it clear ... she couldn't care less about Bitcoin's price, Dogecoin surging again or any of the other cryptos ... she's all about property, baby.

Barbara says she's investing every spare dollar she has this year into real estate, because she says it's still very much a buyer's market ... and she plans to get even richer the old-fashioned way. BTW ... it may be a buyer's market in NYC, but it's the opposite in other cities like L.A.

There's a caution -- Barbara suggests striking while the iron's hot, because the market could be totally different by the end of the year.

As for the crypto market, Barbara says the trick is knowing when to get out. She thinks just as many people are losing $$$ investing in cryptocurrency as those who are cashing in.

Corcoran was out promoting her new advice podcast, "888-Barbara," but tells us there's a certain billionaire who doesn't need her guidance. She also offers some free advice from her own mother.

UFC's Justin Wren Conor McGregor 'Not a Good Guy' For Screwing Over Dustin Poirier's Charity

Ex-UFC star Justin Wren says Conor McGregor is just WRONG for trying to paint Dustin Poirier's charity foundation as some shady operation ... and it's more evidence that Conor is simply not a good person.

Wren is widely respected for his charity work all over the world -- in fact, Joe Rogan has praised Wren's "Fight for the Forgotten" foundation for years for all of the work he's done helping impoverished communities in Africa.


So, when Wren learned McGregor was backing out of his $500,000 pledge to Dustin Poirier's "The Good Fight Foundation" -- Wren wasn't happy.

As we previously reported, Conor not only bailed on the donation he had been promising since October -- but he made Poirier's foundation seem like a clown show, incapable of explaining how the money would be deployed to actually help people in need.

McGregor called Poirier a "fool" with "no plan in place" for such a sizable donation.

Of course, Poirier has called B.S. on Conor -- saying his team reached out to McGregor's camp multiple times to address their concerns, but never got a response.

So, who's lying?

Wren says he's personally worked with Poirier's foundation and can vouch that's it's not only legitimate -- but it's made a REAL impact in communities in need in Dustin's home state of Louisiana.

"Dustin is an honorable man, a good character, who’s a family man, who has literally done everything he ever said he was gonna do and more ... and the other guy hasn’t followed through on a lot of the things that he has said. So, I think that this really calls Conor's character into question even more so than it's already been."

Wren says he's been in touch with Dustin and his wife, Jolie, over the past few days -- and they're upset Conor would take such a "cheap shot" at an organization that was created to help people in need.

"I think that this has really changed Dustin's opinion on who Conor is as a person. He’s not a good guy."

Wren adds, "Conor didn’t rob Dustin of anything. What he did was he cheated or stole from the people he would’ve helped."

Wren wrapped up with a message to McGregor -- saying, "Look deep into your heart brother and see if this is the right thing to do or not."

Sara Rush on 'Too Close for Comfort' 'Memba Her?!

El Paso, Texas actor Lydia Cornell was only 27 years old when she shot to stardom as the hot blonde daughter Sara Rush -- who lived downstairs from her parents with her sister, Jackie Rush -- in the classic '80s ABC family comedy "Too Close for Comfort."

Lydia Cornell shared the small screen with some cool character actors including Tony Award-winning Nancy Dussault as the matriarch, Muriel Rush, Deborah Van Valkenburgh as the other daughter and downstairs roommate, Jackie Rush ... and of course the classic comedian Ted Knight as the kooky cartoonist and father, Henry Rush.

Guess what she looks like now 40 years later!

Chet Hanks Ex Sues for $1 Mil ... You Abused Me!!!

Chet Hanks' ex-girlfriend is now suing him over their volatile relationship which recently came to a bloody ending ... and she's claiming he's the one who abused her while they were together.

According to new legal docs, Chet's ex, Kiana Parker, is suing him in Texas for $1 million ... she alleges he roughed her up on multiple occasions between October 2020 and January 2021.

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Kiana details an alleged incident TMZ first reported last month -- she claims it happened in October 2020 in New Orleans, where Chet was shooting "Your Honor." She claims he became enraged when she told him she was leaving their room at the Windsor Court Hotel ... grabbing her by the wrists and arms and pushing her around the room, knocking over tables.

As we told you, Kiana also claims Chet told her no one would believe her because he was "Chet Hanks" and she was "just a ghetto Black bitch."

In the docs, Kiana claims Chet threatened to kill her in a murder-suicide the month after the alleged New Orleans incident, threatening her while her twins were inside his Sugar Land, Texas home.


TMZ broke the story ... Chet and Kiana had a violent altercation on video back on Jan. 8, with both of them hurling allegations of violence, and footage of a bloodied Hanks.

In the suit, Kiana claims Chet was extremely aggressive while she was moving her stuff out of his home that day, alleging he came at her with a knife and claiming she swung a pot at his head in self-defense.

Kiana first raised many of these allegations when she got a temporary restraining order against Chet in January. Chet denied her claims and fired off a lawsuit against her for assault and battery, and claimed she stole money from him.

Chet's attorney, Marty Singer, tells TMZ ... "We consider the claims filed by Kiana Parker to be a shakedown. The lawsuit filed by Ms Parker is in response to the  lawsuit filed by Chet Hanks against Ms Parker on March 4,2021."

Singer believes the video of their kitchen altercation tells the "undisputed" truth about their relationship, and adds ... "Her claims are completely false, fabricated and fictional."

Morgan Wallen Working On Myself After N-Word Video Won't Perform This Summer

Morgan Wallen says he's taking time to work on himself after he was seen casually dropping the n-word while out with friends ... and that means he won't be performing live any time soon.

Wallen posted a handwritten statement Tuesday, saying he's taken a couple months away to sit back, reflect and work on being a better person. Morgan says it's been nice to take some time away from music and performances. He's not doing that work, because he says he needs even more time ... so he's not planning any summer tour dates.

Morgan says the time off is helping him find out what he needs to do to improve as a person, and he says he can't wait to see the growth he makes in the next 5 years.

TMZ broke the story ... Morgan was recorded by a neighbor after a rowdy night out in Nashville back in January casually calling a friend the n-word.


After the video was published, radio stations, merchandise websites and award shows banned Wallen -- but his album sales still skyrocketed and now he's thanking his fans for being in his corner, even though he admits "it hasn't been the most popular one to stand in recently."

Visual proof of that support is plastered all over Nashville right now -- 6 billboards are pushing for him to win Entertainer of the Year at the ACM Awards this coming weekend ... even though the Academy barred him from the competition.

Morgan says he's still figuring out his mistakes, is sorry and is making his amends ... but he says "I am still very proud of who I am and the man I am becoming."

Stay tuned.

Sylvester Stallone Not a Member at Mar-a-Lago ... Just a Dinner Guest!!!

Sylvester Stallone has hung his hat in Florida, but a recent report saying he's become a member of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago is flat out wrong ... TMZ has learned.

A story ran earlier this week claiming Sly was a newly-minted member of the club, having recently been spotted inside Mar-a-Lago's walls.

Sly's reps, however, say Sly is not, and has never been, a member at Mar-a-Lago. The rep tells us he was recently an invited dinner guest at the club, but does not own a residence on the golf course, nor has he paid for a membership.

While he isn't a member at Mar-a-Lago, we're told Sly remains a member of The Breakers Club, also located in Palm Beach.

Sly and his fam recently left Cali for the Sunshine State ... following in the footsteps of a slew of celebs.

Elderly OKC Woman Sues Cops for Breaking Her Arm ... Body Cam Shows Rough Arrest


Newly released body cam footage shows Oklahoma City cops taking a 74-year-old Black woman into custody, and according to her ... the officers fractured her arm in the process.

Ruby Jones' attorney, Damario Solomon-Simmons, released this disturbing footage Tuesday not long before filing a lawsuit against the City of Oklahoma City and the 3 police officers involved with the August, 2020 encounter at her OKC home.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Ruby claims she suffered a broken right arm due to the officers' "use of excessive force" when they came to arrest her mentally ill son, Chauncey.

The body cam footage shows the officers arriving with an arrest warrant for Chauncey, who officers alleged had called in a bomb threat at the Red Rock Behavioral Center. Cops said they traced the call back to Ruby's home.

But, in docs, Ruby claims she met the officers at the front door and they asked for consent to enter, but she refused. She also claims cops refused to provide proof of a warrant authorizing entry into her home.

You can see in the body cam footage ... cops threatened her with jail if she didn't get out of their way. When she didn't allow them in, they tried to handcuff her while screaming, "Let me see your f***ing hands."

According to the suit, Ruby pled with cops not to shoot Chauncey because he suffers from bipolar disorder and did not have a gun. In the video she repeatedly tells the cops Chauncey isn't armed ... but they tell her, "You're fixin' to go sit in the car."

When she refused to go outside, Ruby alleges they "grabbed her arm, and forcefully yanked her out of the bedroom." The video backs that up, and she also told the officers she suffers from heart disease. In the docs, she claims they broke her arm after throwing her against a mirror and handcuffing her.

Ruby is suing for assault and battery, excessive force, and more ... and she's seeking unspecified damages.

Chris Brown Cleaning Lady Sues ... Your Dog Gnarled my Sis to Pieces!!!

A cleaning woman is taking Chris Brown to court, because she claims one of his dogs got a hold of her sister's limbs ... which sounds like one bloody mess in a lawsuit she's filed.

The woman's name is Patricia Avila, and in docs, obtained by TMZ, she explains she and her sister had been hired by Chris to clean his Tarzana home twice a week for a rate of $600 a day.

She goes on to say they were aware Chris had dogs in the house, but insists they'd always been kept in a separate part of the property whenever they came over to do their work. That is, until one day she claims one of them made its way to the backyard.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

This is where things got violent, according to Avila ... who's alleging a harrowing dog attack from Chris' Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka. In the suit, she claims the dog -- a very large breed -- has a history of being violent and aggressive toward people.

Anyway, Avila claims that her sister went out to the backyard to empty a vacuum ... and before she knew it, the animal was on top of her sister and tearing her body to shreds, ripping 3 to 4 inches of skin off her arm ... and allegedly bit her face and leg as well.

Eventually, she says they were able to get the dog off her sister ... and Chris was apparently the one who called 9-1-1. Avila says she thought her sister was going to die from the blood loss.

Avila says her sister was transported to a hospital and treated for several days ... undergoing at least a couple surgeries. Since then, she alleges the ordeal caused her a lot of emotional distress -- including PTSD, severe anxiety, and panic attacks.

She's suing Chris for and asking for damages, claiming he failed to protect her from the unreasonable risk of harm from the dog. Important to note that Avila is NOT the alleged bite victim ... and it's unclear if her sister is filing a separate suit.

Jake Paul 'Categorically Denies' Sexual Assault After Allegations from TikTok Star Justine Paradise

3:12 PM PT -- Jake just doubled-down on his initial statement to TMZ Sports, saying he doesn't think it's a coincidence Justine waited until the week of his fight to make the allegations.

Jake Paul is not only DENYING he sexually assaulted TikTok star Justine Paradise -- but he's vowing to sue her defamation.

24-year-old Paradise posted a video on YouTube last week alleging Paul forced her to perform oral sex on him after she made it clear she did NOT consent.

In her video, Paradise says she was hanging out with Paul at his L.A.-area home when they began to kiss -- something she DID consent to doing.

But, Paradise claims Paul pushed for sexual intercourse and she shut him down ... so he continued to aggressively push for oral sex.

Paradise claims she again declined -- telling him "no" multiple times -- but he forced himself on her anyway.

In her video, Paradise never mentions the specific date of the alleged incident -- but notes they began to hang out in June 2019, implying the incident took place sometime after that.

Now, Paul is firing back in a statement through his attorney Daniel E. Gardenswartz -- calling BS on the whole story and vowing to take legal action of his own.

"While others have already begun to debunk the claim alleged against him, our client categorically denies the allegation and has every intention of aggressively disproving it and pursuing legal action against those responsible for the defamation of his character," Gardenswartz said.

"Our client believes that any false allegations diminish the credibility of those who have truly been victims of misconduct."

In the meantime, Paul is training for his upcoming boxing match against UFC star Ben Askren -- which is expected to go on as planned despite the looming allegations.

Originally Published -- 1:52 PM PT

Aaron Rodgers & Shailene Woodley Get Mushy During Couple Interview ... 'You're So Cute, Baby'

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are officially that couple -- the two got super mushy during an interview together at Disney, gushing over each other uncontrollably!!

The power duo -- which went public with their engagement back in February -- sat down for a couples questionnaire at Disney World earlier this month ... and it didn't take long for the sappiness to flow.

After the interviewer asked, "What is one thing that always makes you smile?" -- the two pointed at each other and swooned.

"This guy," Woodley said. "You," Rodgers added.

Shailene continued, "Oh! You're so cute, baby!" Rodgers followed up, "Yeah. You always make me smile."

The lovefest didn't stop there, though ... when the two were asked how they unwind after a long day -- Shailene said a bath and wine, which made Rodgers chime in with this nugget ...

"I was going to say cuddle time ..."

Shailene then admitted the two sing Disney songs together often ... while Rodgers said the plan for their Disney experience that day was to basically make out all over the park.

Yeah ... you wanna barf from the cuteness yet???

Daunte Wright Killing Cop Who Shot Him Resigns ... Chief Quits Too

Kim Potter, the Brooklyn Center police officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright, has resigned from the force, effective immediately.

Potter wrote a letter Tuesday to Mayor Mike Elliott, Acting City Manager Reggie Edwards and Police Chief Tim Gannon ... saying, "I have loved every minute of being a police officer and serving this community to the best of my ability, but I believe it is in the best interest of the community, the department, and my fellow officers if I resign immediately."

Mayor Elliott announced Chief Gannon is also stepping down.

The resignations come following the second night of unrest in Minnesota that included looting, clashes with police and arrests. As we reported, citizens took to the streets Monday night in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center ... gathering outside the police station to demand justice.

There had been a 7 PM curfew set in place but the streets remained flooded with protesters. Cops ultimately dispersed the crowd with flash bombs and chemical agents. Protesters also got violent ... launching objects at cops.

Brooklyn Center Police

The protests came after 20-year-old Wright was shot and killed by Potter ... whose body cam footage shows her yelling "Taser" as she clearly was holding her handgun. She fired one round that ultimately killed Wright. You can also hear Potter on body cam footage saying, "S**t, I just shot him."

Gannon later said the cop meant to reach for her taser, but instead accidentally discharged her gun.

Black High School Football Player Forced In Locker with Banana Peels ... Cops Investigate

12:02 PM PT -- The player targeted in the locker room incident has issued a statement, through the Rock Island County State's Attorney's Office ... saying, "I want to make it known that I'm fine."

"Everyone is worried about me and showing concern for me and I really appreciate it."

"Second, can everyone please stop talking about the incident and video? I understand everyone wants justice for me and they want what they think is right to be done, but I already made my feelings known to the police and my friends about how I feel about everything."

"I love the football team I'm on and they're good guys. I know that personally. I talked to the people involved individually and they apologized. We had a heartfelt talk about it and I told them how I felt. So please don't harass, bully, or threaten them at all."

"Lastly, I want to get my life back together, and my student-athlete life back on track, so if you do ever see me or know who I am, treat me as a human first, not a victim."

A black high school football player in Moline, Illinois was forced to sit in a locker stuffed with banana peels -- while a fellow player threatened to break both of his knees if he refused.

The incident was captured on video and published on social media platforms -- and now, the cops are involved.

The 11-second video was reportedly shot on Thursday night -- but in less than 24 hours, the footage had already made its way to the Moline Police Dept.

And, when the team returned from an away game on Friday evening, the cops were waiting at Moline High School to interview everyone who had a role in the disturbing incident.

"On the evening of April 9, 2021 the Moline Police Department became aware of a shocking viral video circulating on social media," Moline Police Chief Darren Gault said in a statement.

"The video depicted a disturbing racist scene involving a Moline High School football player in a locker room."

Chief Gault says detectives have identified "all athletes who were involved in the incident and the circumstances surrounding the video" -- and confirmed they are "fellow high school football teammates."

Cops note the players involved "are also individuals of both different and similar races to the victim."

"The students directly involved in the video are all friends."

"Regardless of these facts, we all agree that this is a disgusting way to treat a fellow teammate, a fellow human and most certainly a friend."

The MPD says the investigation is complete and the case has been submitted to the State's Attorney for review.

The Moline-Coal Valley School District has also been looped in. District officials slammed the "vile behavior depicted in the video" -- insisting it "does not represent our core values and has no place in our learning community."

The District also vowed to take "decisive action" following an internal investigation.

Originally Published -- 6:44 AM PT

Daunte Wright Family Gets Emotional Over His Killing ... Calls for Justice

Breaking News

The family of Daunte Wright -- the 20-year-old Black man killed by police near Minneapolis -- just delivered impassioned, heartbreaking words about his fatal shooting ... and their pain is palpable.

Several of Daunte's loved ones spoke at the news conference outside the Hennepin County Courthouse in Minneapolis, including his mother, Katie ... who told the devastating story of her final phone call with her son as he was dealing with the police in what would turn out to be a deadly traffic stop.

Chyna Whitaker, the mother of Daunte's young son, spoke on how Daunte didn't live to see their child's second birthday ... saying the police stole her son's dad from him.


Other family members, including Daunte's grandmother, cousin and aunt, also delivered emotional, powerful words about their tragic loss.

George Floyd's family was also on hand to lend love and support to the Wright family, and along with everyone else ... called for justice in the case. Daunte's aunt also pointed out the 2 families have another connection -- she says Floyd's girlfriend used to be one of Wright's teachers.

Even a relative of Emmett Till spoke, saying ... "The past is not past until justice is served."

The news conference took place outside the courthouse where former Minneapolis PD officer Derek Chauvin is currently on trial after being charged with murdering Floyd during his arrest on May 25, 2020.

Wright was fatally shot on Sunday by a cop in Brooklyn Center -- a Minneapolis suburb about 10 miles from the courthouse where Chauvin's standing trial.


Ben Crump joined "TMZ Live" to discuss the tragedy, which he calls the latest example of implicit bias against people of color by police. Crump points to the alleged discrepancies in why Wright was pulled over in the first place, and says the incident never should have escalated to a violent confrontation.

Crump adds that President Biden's comments about rioting in wake of Wright's killing are fair, but says the Prez needs to also rebuke the unarmed killings of Black men by police in America.

As we reported ... body cam footage of the incident shows the officer, Kim Potter -- a 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center PD -- shot Wright during his struggle with the police. After the shot, you can hear her exclaim, "Holy s**t, I just shot him."

Police Chief Tim Gannon claims Potter meant to use her Taser, but accidentally discharged her gun instead. Wright died from the gunshot wound.


Wright's killing has sparked 2 straight nights of protests and riots in the Minneapolis suburb and the Twin Cities area.

'Project Runway' Star Christian Siriano Files for Divorce ... From Hubby Brad Walsh

"Project Runway" star Christian Siriano is finally making things official after he and his husband split nearly 3 years ago -- because the designer just filed for divorce.

The season 4 'Runway' champ -- who's become a mentor on the Bravo series -- just filed legal docs seeking to dissolve his marriage to Brad Walsh ... who Christian's been married to for around 5 years.

They got hitched in 2016 after getting engaged in 2013 -- but their relationship fell apart and they announced they were separating in the summer of 2018.

At the time, Walsh went public with the breakup ... taking to IG to write, "Bit more than a month ago my husband and I separated." He explained the story of their split was going to come out in the media, but he preferred to break the news himself to his fans.

Unclear what caused the rift, but in any case ... Christian was first to hit the courthouse in NY to file his divorce petition. There's not much more in the way of deets at this point -- divorce cases are sealed in the Big Apple.

The couple didn't have any children together, though, so that issue's off the table.

Both guys are pretty successful in their own right -- Christian has a fashion line, which is wildly popular, and Brad is in the music business. No word on whether a prenup is in play.

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