A mayoral candidate in Mexico was assassinated at point-blank range -- and the murderous act was caught on camera ... with the killer himself being gunned down too.

Be warned, this video is extremely graphic -- Alfredo Cabrera is seen smiling and greeting supporters in the middle of his final campaign rally stop in Coyuca de Benitez, Guerrero, Wednesday ... just moments before he's brutally shot, which was being filmed.


The perpetrator isn't fully visible in the clip ... but you can see a gun in their hand, boldly pointed at the back of Cabrera's head just as he's about to address 300 supporters -- and then they fire.

Turks & Caicos Case American With Ammo ... Sentenced, Avoids More Prison Time

The American man who mistakenly brought hunting ammo into Turks and Caicos is breathing a sigh of relief as he heads back home -- 'cause he won't do any major prison time.

Tyler Wenrich -- a Virginia 911 operator and emergency medical tech -- got hit with a hefty $9,000 fine, and has been sentenced to 3 weeks in jail -- but seeing as he's already spent that time in prison, the court's calling it even-steven and recognizing it as time served.

Wenrich initially faced up to 12 years behind bars -- the minimum term for smuggling ammo into the country -- after his guilty plea on two counts of ammo possession for two 9mm rounds on May 21.

Johnny Wactor's Family Doesn't Want Ex Talking Murder ... She's Far Removed!!!

Johnny Wactor's ex-fiancée passionately spoke out against his murder -- and while her heart's in the right place, the actor's family thinks her mouth is elsewhere ... and not needed.

We talked to Johnny's mother, Scarlett, who tells TMZ that Johnny and Tessa Farrell dated years ago and haven't stayed in touch ... not having spoken in at least 2-3 years. She says his family also hasn't maintained contact with her, which is why she's peeved about her comments.


Tessa's emotional plea for stricter laws in L.A. rings hollow for Scarlett, who tells us she believes Tessa is just clout-chasing -- even though Tessa's tearful video certainly seemed genuine. In fact, we spoke to her to get more detail about what she'd like to see change in L.A's criminal justice system.

NBA's Isaiah Thomas Kid Pulled AK-47 On Me In My City ... 'Be SAFE'

Two-time NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas says he had a terrifying experience over the weekend ... when he and his friends came face-to-face with a kid wielding a gun -- and he believes his fame very well might have saved his life.

The Phoenix Suns guard opened up about the encounter on X ... saying it was a truly "life changing moment."

He claimed his group was out and about in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington on Monday -- when they were approached by a kid carrying an AK-47.

Tank Dell Returns To Texans Practice ... 3 Weeks After Shooting

NFL star Tank Dell is looking damn near 100% just three weeks after suffering injuries in a nightclub shooting ... rejoining his Houston Texans teammates and crushing it during Tuesday's practice.

No. 3 was front and center during organized team activities ... even taking passes from quarterback C.J. Stroud at one point.

There were no signs of injury or anything else holding him back ... which is a great sign, considering what he went through last month -- as well as during the 2023-24 season.

Auburn's Hugh Freeze Asks For Prayers For Brian Battie ... Says Tigers RB Is On Ventilator After Shooting

Auburn head coach Hugh Freeze is imploring his fans to send their prayers Brian Battie's way ... revealing Monday the Tigers running back has been put on a ventilator after he was involved in a shooting over the weekend.

The football player was initially wounded at around 3:30 AM on Saturday ... after gunfire erupted in the Tallywood Centre Plaza parking lot in Sarasota, Fla.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, one person, Battie's brother, Tommie L. Battie IV, was killed during the incident. Several others, the SCSO said, needed to be transported to nearby hospitals to address their injuries.

Kid Rock Allegedly Waved Gun, Said N-Word ... During Heated Interview

Kid Rock is pushing his provocative persona to erratic new levels -- at least according to a new feature by Rolling Stone ... which claims he waved a gun around and said the n-word.

The outlet dropped a fresh piece that chronicled an interview with the rapper Sunday ... where KR is described as brandishing a firearm to the reporter, as well as dropping the racial slur a number of times while talking about politics and the history of the Republican party.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Per the journo, David Peisner, KR ranted at him after drinking several Jim Beam/Diet Coke cocktails ... at which point he allegedly pulled out a handgun from behind a leather chair. Kid Rock allegedly yelled ... "And I got a f***ing goddamn gun right here if I need it ... I got them everywhere!"

Mary Jane Gonzales Another Neighborhood Shooting ... People Need to See Issues

The mother of the 9-year-old who was nearly shot while sitting on his couch in a harrowing video says the neighborhood's experienced another shooting since then ... which is wild.


Mary Jane Gonzales came on 'TMZ Live' Thursday to talk about the original incident ... and, she says it's not the only one -- 'cause her son was recently at a friend's down the street from their house when another shooting occurred since the one that went down May 1.


ICYMI ... multiple bullets ripped through the Gonzales family's window in Fort Worth, TX during a drive-by shooting earlier this month -- and, though no one in the house was hit, some kids hanging out in the front were injured.

Lil Baby Music Video Shots Fired Between Rivaling Crews ... 4PF Rapper Not Involved


Lil Baby and his music video crew got caught in the crossfire -- that's the early word from cops investigating the gunfire that erupted in the middle of his Atlanta music video shoot.

TMZ Hip Hop obtained audio of the chaotic 911 call during the shooting ... and you can hear dozens of rounds exploding through the air.

One caller sounded so frantic, he couldn't provide the dispatcher with any usable details.

Amazon Worker Tries Shooting Supervisor, Misses ... Gunned Down By Cops


An Amazon worker tried to shoot his coworker this week in Ohio ... but, somehow he missed at point-blank range -- which all ended in tragedy when he was gunned down by cops.

Cops identified Ali Hamsa Yusuf -- a 22-year-old Amazon security guard who brought a gun to work -- as the man who tried to shoot his supervisor ... which was captured on surveillance footage.

Check out the clip ... Yusuf takes the gun out and tries to fire it right behind his boss -- but the gun jams. He inspects it, fixes the issue and fires again successfully.

Slovakian Prime Minister Shot Multiple Times Life-Threatening Condition


The Prime Minister of Slovakia was shot multiple times this morning while cameras rolled ... and, his condition is apparently dire.

Robert Fico -- who became PM of the Central European country for the third time last year -- went to a government meeting in the town of Handlová when someone in the crowd waiting to greet the prime minister fired off multiple gunshots.


Video from the moment of the shooting's sorta grainy -- but, you can clearly hear shots ripping through the air, and there's a rush by the PM's security to get to the alleged shooter.

Lil Baby Music Video Dozens of Gunshots in ATL ... 3 People Hospitalized

Lil Baby's planned music video in Atlanta sounded like a war zone after flurries of shots were fired in the area -- and TMZ Hip Hop's obtained video of the ear-shattering scene!!!


The video unfolds with dozens of staffers and people setting up filming equipment Tuesday afternoon when the shooting began from what sounds like a semi-automatic weapon firing relentlessly for about 6 seconds.

Naturally, the cameraman ducks for cover and the video gets shaky as he points the lens toward the ground, but the background conversation fills in a bit of the story's blanks.



A 9-year-old boy in Texas had to dodge bullets from the comfort of his own home -- which can be seen in distressing new footage ... and it's a miracle he made it out alive.

Check out this home surveillance video that was captured earlier this month in Fort Worth -- where a drive-by shooting occurred right outside ... sending 4 bullets flying into the apartment as the kid chills on his couch.

In a flash, his home is under fire ... and you can see the boy dive onto the armrest quickly before bolting to his mom's room. He had great instincts to get low and was able to avoid being hit.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed 'Rust' Armorer Appeals Conviction

"Rust" armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed is officially trying to overturn her conviction … having now filed an appeal in court, this after getting the book thrown at her in her trial.

In new court docs, obtained by TMZ, Gutierrez-Reed's lawyers filed Monday to appeal her involuntary manslaughter conviction in the 2021 fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins -- for which she received 18 months in prison and a $5,000 fine.


Her legal team also filed to appeal the denial of her pretrial motions ... which included a motion to dismiss the charges on multiple grounds.

NYC Taxi Masked Man Shoots at Cab Driver ... Apparently Couldn't Pay!!!


A masked man shot at a NYC taxi driver after he apparently couldn't pay his fare in full -- and now the cabbie's own ilk is telling its workforce how to avoid this situation.

In the footage -- filmed from inside driver Eufelix Jiminian's cab earlier this month -- the passenger jumps out of the moving vehicle after complaining about the bill ... and him seemingly not being able to cash out. Eventually, he opens fire on the cab as it drives away.

It's a little bizarre how this whole thing unfolds. First, Jiminian picks him up off the street -- even though he's clearly wearing a mask from the get-go -- and eventually the dude in the back says he needs to go back to where he was to get his wallet.

Mariam Creighton College Volleyball Player Dead At 21 Killed In Nightclub Shooting

Albany State University volleyball player Mariam Creighton was tragically killed in a nightclub shooting in Atlanta over the weekend. She was only 21 years old.

The Atlanta Police Department said the incident happened around 2:28 AM on Sunday ... when officers responded to shots fired at the Elleven45 establishment.

Responders found six people shot ... two of whom were pronounced dead at the scene -- Creighton and 20-year-old Nakyris Ridley.

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