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Air France-KLM Dog Dies During Flight To L.A.

3/20/2019 11:07 AM PDT

A dog that made a trip aboard an Air France-KLM jetliner that took off in Amsterdam ended up dead in L.A. 

Airline sources tell TMZ ... the dog, which looks like a husky, was found dead Tuesday afternoon in the cargo hold.  

One Air France employee with knowledge of the incident claims ... the dog was incorrectly loaded in the cargo hold and lost oxygen during the transatlantic flight. According to flight trackers, the flight time was 10 hours, 45 minutes.

We're told the dog's owner picked up her dead pet at Air France's LAX warehouse ... and as you can imagine, she was devastated. 

We've seen pictures of the dead dog ... but the images are too disturbing to share. 

As we've reported ... dead dogs on commercial flights are becoming all too common, and some deaths end up triggering criminal investigations

Air France and KLM merged in 2004 to create Air France-KLM.

We've reached out to Air France for comment ... so far, no word back. 

Clinton Portis To Landon Collins ... 'F**k No' You Can't Wear Sean Taylor's Number

3/19/2019 1:14 PM PDT
Breaking News

Clinton Portis ain't just shutting the door on Landon Collins' wishes to wear Sean Taylor's old No. 21 jersey with the Redskins ... he's BOLTING it down, saying, "f**k no" he can't wear it!!

"F**k no," the ex-Washington running back says ... "I don’t ever want to see nobody else in it."

Of course, Landon just inked a MONSTER 6-year, $84 MILLION contract with the 'Skins ... and since he grew up idolizing Taylor -- some suggested he should wear the late safety's jersey number.

But, that would rub at least one of Sean's old best friends the wrong way ... 'cause Portis says he's FIRMLY against that idea.

"21, that’s sacred. Why even play with people? Why even spark people’s memories? Retire that jersey," Portis told The Athletic.

"For an organization that don’t retire jerseys or don’t officially retire jerseys, you put that motherf**ker in the rafters, you retire it, and you make sure everybody knows, this is irreplaceable."

Portis and Taylor used to be best friends ... playing together both in college at Miami and in Washington.

In fact, when Sean tragically died in 2007 ... Portis says the Redskins asked him to wear the No. 21 jersey to honor the DB -- but he didn't even feel comfortable doing that back then.

"There was no way in hell I would put that pressure on myself or play with fans to believe that we have a chance of seeing 21 in this jersey again."

Good news for Collins? Sean also wore No. 36 with the 'Skins early in his career ... and seems Portis would be fine with LC honoring Sean by going that route.

But, 21? Portis says that's sacred.

"It’s cool to admire, to love, to appreciate, to view someone in that aspect, but even if you had the opportunity to wear No. 21, you shouldn’t do it."

'Y&R' Star Kristoff St. John Died from Heart Disease ... Triggered by Alcohol Abuse

3/19/2019 11:48 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

11:48 AM PT -- According to the autopsy report -- obtained by TMZ -- St. John was discharged from a mental health facility just 2 days before his death. The report says he was admitted after threatening to hurt himself.

Kristoff St. John died from heart disease and alcohol abuse ... according to a report from the L.A. coroner's office.

The 'Young and the Restless' star's official cause of death is listed as hypertrophic heart disease and is categorized as accidental, according to the report obtained by TMZ. The disease makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood and often goes undiagnosed.

As for the "accidental" label -- that's because Kristoff was apparently on an alcohol binge at the time of his death. 

We broke the story ... 52-year-old Kristoff was found dead last month at his home in the San Fernando Valley. Law enforcement sources say one of the actor's friends went to check on him and found his body. Police and paramedics responded, and we're told Kristoff was pronounced dead on the scene.

As we reported ... a source close to Kristoff tells us the actor checked himself into UCLA Medical Center in January for depression issues, and he had just been released a few days before his death. We're told Kristoff's depression was partially linked to his son, Julian's suicide in 2014. It also seems to be the likely trigger for Kristoff's heavy drinking at the time of his death. 

As you know, around the 3-year anniversary of Julian's suicide in 2017, Kristoff allegedly threatened to take his own life with a gun ... and cops placed him under a 72-hour hold for psychiatric evaluation.

Kristoff had played Neil Winters on 'Y&R' since 1991 -- earning 9 Daytime Emmy Award nominations for the role. He also won 10 NAACP Image Awards.

Originally Published -- 9:38 AM PT

Ariana Grande Dang! That's How You Kick Off a Tour ... By Honoring Mac Miller

3/19/2019 7:04 AM PDT

Ariana Grande's still got Mac Miller heavy on her mind ... and she wanted to let her fans know exactly how much before beginning her world tour.

The "thank u, next" singer kicked off her Sweetener tour Monday night at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY ... but before coming onstage, Ariana rolled out some Mac tracks ... as a homage to her late boyfriend.

The gesture didn't go unnoticed by fans, who flooded social media. One fan wrote, "Ariana Grande is playing Mac Miller right before her opening song for sweetner tour rn and my heart can't handle it SO MANY TEARS."

Mac's "Dang!" was the final song to play before Ariana came out. No doubt it was an emotional night for Ariana, who told fans during soundcheck her setlist would NOT include "ghostin" or "imagine" because they would be "too heavy" to perform.

As you know by now ... those tracks seem to be about Mac Miller, who is also referenced in "thank u, next." Ariana's been mourning Mac since he died from an accidental overdose back in September.

She got this tattoo honoring Mac and remembered him on his birthday too.

Miley Cyrus Breaks Down at Janice Freeman's Memorial

3/18/2019 3:39 PM PDT

Miley Cyrus was so overcome with emotion at the memorial service for one of her favorite 'Voice' contestants ... she couldn't fight back the tears.

Miley attended the Celebration of Life for Janice Freeman Monday at Mariners Church in Irvine ... where she poured her heart out and honored the former 'Voice' singer. You see Miley break down but she still manages to get a laugh when she says, "I was never her coach, ever. She was always mine."

Before surrendering the stage to her dad, Billy Ray, who led a rousing rendition of "Amazing Grace" ... Miley had some touching words for Janice, whom Miley was paired up with during season 13 of "The Voice."

Miley said, "I've learned more from her than anyone that I've ever gotten the honor to be in the room with, not just vocally, I should've gotten more lessons than I did, but she taught me everything that I know about love."

She went on to say, "And, to be here, and I had planned on singing a song for her, but just losing her is just too much for me. So ... my dad's gonna take care of this for me. But, I'll always be your sister, I'm here for you, and I'm here for your family, and Janice I'll miss you more than I could ever say."

Miley joined her dad in song.

We broke the story ... Janice died from a blood clot in her lungs. She had been battling a combination of bronchitis and lupus. Janice was 33.

Karl Lagerfeld Death Certificate Cements French Legacy

3/16/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is being remembered in France as one of the nation's favorite adopted sons ... and it's all spelled out in his death certificate.

We've obtained Karl's death certificate, issued last month in Paris, and it highlights the fact that the German-born designer was awarded the prestigious decoration, Commander of the Legion of Honor ... France's highest civil merit.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy presented the medal to Karl in 2010 ... well-deserved, because Karl spent 55 years designing in Paris, so the Parisians made sure the honor wasn't forgotten. Fun fact: Napoleon started the Legion of Honor in 1802.

As we reported -- Karl died February 19 in a Paris hospital -- the certificate lists 10:20 AM as the time of death.

The cause of death is not revealed ... though Karl was battling pancreatic cancer. 

The certificate lists "artistic director" as Karl's profession. As you know, he was the toast of the fashion world for decades, designing for Fendi and Chanel.

The doc says Patrick Negri, the branch manager of a Barclays Bank, identified Lagerfeld's body ... if only Karl's beloved cat, Choupette, could talk.  

Karl was 85.

Louis Tomlinson Sister Dead At 18 ... Friend Shares Heartfelt Message

3/15/2019 10:11 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

3/15 -- Félicité's close friend just posted a heartfelt tribute to her, and he’s lamenting the fact they were rarely sober when they were together.

Lukey Storey, a musician, writes … “There aren’t words for how painful this is. I’m writing in a state of shock. She was one of the kindest, sweetest, purist people I’d ever met. A purity too rare for this world."

Lukey touches on substance abuse, writing, “I relapsed in my flat with only you there beside me, I saw in you what I carry too, I wish we had spent more time together sober, but we rarely were."

“Too busy running away from our demons. Keeping each others pain in perfect company: We were pain twins."

Sources connected to the family tell TMZ, authorities found NO drugs or alcohol in the house where she died.

Lukey also reveals, “the last thing you said to me was calling me ‘bubba’ that you were proud of me for getting clean again. I replied thank you my darling and what I asked of u the next day will haunt me to my grave."

“Today I wish I was right there with you. It could of been me, or anyone in our circle of maniacs. I think it should of been me."

“Felicite You graced my life in such a short time and I will now miss you forever. I know you’d want me to stay clean and stay creating so that’s what I’ll do until I come and look for you on the other side."

“Crying as I write this I have never been confused by so many feelings and I can’t identify what most of them are. My thoughts are with her family, anyone and everyone who knew and loved her. None of this feels real.”

Louis Tomlinson's teenage sister has died after suffering a heart attack ... TMZ has confirmed. 

18-year-old Félicité Tomlinson passed away Wednesday at her studio apartment in London. She collapsed from a heart attack, and someone in the apartment called for an ambulance ... but after paramedics tried to revive her, she was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Sources connected to the family tell TMZ, Félicité had absolutely no warning signs and they knew of no prior history of heart trouble. She did, however, suffer from sciatica.

Back in January, Félicité posted on social media she had stopped drinking and stopped smoking cigarettes. 

Louis and Félicité were extremely close, regularly seeing each other when he was in London. 

Félicité was a fashion designer and had more than 1 million followers on Instagram. It's apparent from her Insta, she was heavy into fitness. She was planning to publish a book of her own poetry. 

She was one of 7 siblings; Louis is the oldest.

Louis has just pulled out of a performance on a BBC charity show, Comic Relief. The show was scheduled to air Friday night, but Louis obviously had to back out.  

We're told Louis is with family right now and he's devastated. The One Direction singer lost his mother to cancer in December 2016 when she was only 43. He recently released a song called "Two of Us," about him and his mom. The lyrics include, "You'll never know how much I miss you/the day that they took you/I wish it was me instead."


Originally published -- 3/14 4:00 PM PT

'Godfather' Actor Italian Mob Would Never Kill Boss ... In Front Of His Home!

3/15/2019 7:05 AM PDT

Gianni Russo wasn't just in "The Godfather," he claims to have deep mob ties -- and tells TMZ there's NO WAY the hit on Gambino crime boss Frank Cali was carried out by the Italian mafia. 

And why? Because Russo says the killer broke a SACRED mafia rule that no Italian mobster would dare to violate. 

"I don't think it was an Italian hit or a Family hit because they shot [Cali] in front of his family's house. They don't do that," Russo explained. 

Russo played Carlo Rizzi in "The Godfather" -- who famously betrayed the Corleone Family, only to be whacked in a hit orchestrated by Michael Corleone. 

Russo also says he was an errand boy for the mob back in the day -- and had close mobster friends, including Gambino mob boss Paul Castellano, who was killed in 1985. 

As for Cali, officials say the 53-year-old mobster was shot to death in a hit in front of his Staten Island home. The killers also ran over his body after the shooting. 

Russo says Italian mobsters respect an unspoken rule that family homes are sacred -- and that's why he believes the shooting was probably motivated by money and drugs, and not mob politics. 

Officials say they're investigating the shooting -- but so far, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified.

... also, no rats. 

Luke Perry Death Certificate Reveals Burial in Tennessee

3/13/2019 8:32 AM PDT

Luke Perry's death certificate confirms what we already know -- he died as a result of a massive stroke -- and it also reveals his final resting place is in Tennessee.

The document was released Wednesday and it lists the cause of death as an "ischemic cerebrovascular accident" -- a stroke -- that occurred 5 days before his death at 12:44 PM on Monday, March 4. 

According to the certificate, obtained by TMZ, Luke's fiancee, Wendy Bauer, is listed as his next of kin, or "informant." It also says Luke's body was transported to Dickson, Tennessee and he was buried there on Monday, March 11.

Luke was a part-time resident of Tennessee, and had owned a farm there since 1995.   

TMZ broke the story -- Luke died in Burbank at St. Joseph's Hospital, where he'd been since suffering the massive stroke.

As we first reported ... paramedics rushed to Luke's home in Sherman Oaks on Feb. 27 after he suffered the stroke. He was responsive and talking when EMTs arrived, but his condition deteriorated. Doctors sedated Luke in hopes his body could recover -- but the damage was too extensive and his family made the decision to remove him from life support. 

Luke was 52.

Brody Stevens Death Certificate Confirms Hanging .... History of Mental Illness

3/13/2019 9:06 AM PDT

Stand-up comedian Brody Stevens' struggle with mental illness is listed as a factor in his suicide on his death certificate.

TMZ obtained the document which confirms Brody died by hanging. Specifically, it says he used a belt to hang himself from a door. It also says his "history of depression and bipolar disorder" was a significant condition contributing to his death.

As we reported ... the comedian and actor was found dead last month at his home in L.A. He had been hospitalized in 2011 after suffering a bipolar episode, and tackled topics like depression on his Comedy Central series, 'Enjoy It!'

Despite that, Brody was famous for preaching positivity during his popular stand-up act. He also had roles in movies, such as "The Hangover" and "The Hangover II" -- and was an avid baseball fan. Brody pitched in college at Arizona State University until he suffered an elbow injury.

He was 48.

YNW Melly Murder Victim's Mom Speaks Out ... We Treated You Like Family!!!

3/13/2019 12:20 AM PDT

YNW Melly was super tight with the family of one of his alleged murder victims -- so much so, he has the guy's mother's name tattooed on his neck.

Jana Thompson tells TMZ ... her son, Anthony Williams, loved YNW and the other suspect, Cortlen Henry, like brothers. She says, "We opened up our homes & our hearts to them."

Anthony is one of 2 men YNW and Henry allegedly killed ... and Jana is, understandably, shell-shocked. She says the fact that they entered not guilty pleas "feels like another stab in the heart to myself & my family." 

Jana adds, "It’s inconceivable that these very people are the ones responsible for this horrifying murder. I will not stand idle and will fight vehemently for justice!”

YNW has a neck tattoo that reads "Jana" ... it's crystal clear in his mug shot. We're told it's a tribute to Mrs. Thompson and shows just how close he was to Anthony and his mother.

Jana says it's entirely possible she will file a civil suit against Melly and Henry. We're told she's hired the firm of Steinger, Iscoe & Greene to explore her options.

As we reported ... cops believe Melly and Henry killed Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr., but hatched an elaborate scheme to make it seem like the murders were the result of a drive-by shooting pulled off by unknown assailants.

Cops say after Williams and Thomas were shot, YNW and Henry drove around with the dead bodies "for a period of time" before driving to the hospital.

Melly and Henry have each been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

Keith Flint Died by Hanging ... Coroner Confirms

3/11/2019 6:47 AM PDT
Breaking News

Prodigy frontman Keith Flint hanged himself to death ... according to the coroner's report.

The Essex County Coroner's Office released its report Monday on the singer, who was found dead one week ago. The report confirms what Flint's bandmates said shortly after news broke he had died.

Prodigy founder Liam Howlett said Keith had taken his own life, leaving him, "shell shocked, f**kin angry, confused and heart broken."

The coroner is still completing toxicology testing, but is confirming there was no foul play involved in Keith's death.  

The singer was found in his home when a concerned friend asked police to make a welfare check. He was 49.

George Foreman Daughter Freeda Dead at 42

3/9/2019 3:21 PM PST

George Foreman's daughter, Freeda -- who followed in her dad's footsteps and became a professional boxer -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Freeda's body was found in her home near Houston, Texas by a family member. Cops are awaiting a report from the coroner's office on the cause of death, but we're told no foul play is suspected.

Freeda began boxing professionally as a middleweight in 2000 and won her first 5 fights before losing her sixth bout in 2001. She retired after the loss with a pro record of 5-1 with 3 KOs to focus on being a mother and other projects, including boxing promotion.

Her parents also didn't enjoy her being in the ring ... so George reportedly paid her to quit.

Freeda was born in Texas and is one of George's 5 daughters. He also has 5 sons, all named George, and Freeda's middle name is George as well.

She appeared in a couple documentaries about her dad, and had a guest role on a 2003 episode of "King of the Hill."

Freeda wrote on her Twitter bio ... "Aside from my love of family, being a good mother, wife, and friend, I aspire to make a positive difference in our American Criminal Justice System."

She's survived by her husband, 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren, her parents and 11 siblings.

Freeda was 42.


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