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Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson Won't Pass Up NBA Money For Duke, Says Matt Barnes

Zion Williamson
Never Gonna Pass on NBA Money ... Says Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes says there's no way in hell Zion Williamson's gonna pass up on NBA money just 'cause NOLA ain't New York ... telling TMZ Sports going back to Duke would be too much of a risk. Earlier… READ MORE >

Master P Says Zion Will Be Bigger Than Michael Jordan, If He Comes To NOLA

Master P
Zion Will Be Bigger Than Michael Jordan ... If He Plays For NOLA

Master P says if Zion Willamson decides to play for the New Orleans Pelicans he could be BIGGER THAN MICHAEL JORDAN because of the sheer love he'd get from the community. The Pelicans got… READ MORE >

- 8 days ago
Zion Williamson 'Excited' to Play In New Orleans, Stepdad Says

Zion Williamson
'Excited' to Play In New Orleans ... Stepdad Says

Zion Williamson's stepdad says the 18-year-old superstar is "excited" to play in New Orleans -- despite reports to the contrary ... noting Zion has learned to "accept the things you can't… READ MORE >

- 10 days ago
Zion Williamson Gets New Orleans Food Advice from Louisiana Congressman

Zion Williamson
Gets New Orleans Food Advice ... from Louisiana Congressman

Where should Zion Williamson GO FIRST when he touches down in New Orleans??? Not Bourbon Street. Not Cafe Du Monde. Not the strips clubs either.  There's a place in Nawlins that will… READ MORE >

- 11 days ago
Blake Griffin Says Zion Williamson Can Be Best Dunker In NBA History

Blake Griffin
Zion Can Be Best Dunker In NBA History ... '100 Percent'

Blake Griffin tells TMZ Sports that Zion Williamson can "100 percent" be the NBA's all-time best dunker ... saying of the former Duke star, "He's going to be a monster." Of course, Zion has been… READ MORE >

- 13 days ago
Zion Williamson To The Knicks Could Be A Mess, Says Jay Williams

Zion Williamson
Knicks Drafting Him Could Be a Mess ... Says Jay Williams

Zion Williamson better hope New York doesn't end up with the #1 overall pick ... 'cause Jay Williams tells TMZ Sports he's not confident the Knicks owner would know how to handle a player of… READ MORE >

- 38 days ago
Zion Williamson Declares for 2019 NBA Draft Because Duh

Zion Williamson
Declares for 2019 NBA Draft ... Duh

File Under, "The Most Obvious News Ever" ... Zion Williamson is leaving Duke and declaring for the NBA Draft.  Yeah, no kidding.  Williamson was a monster in high school and became a… READ MORE >

- 41 days ago
Duke Looking Into Avenatti Claiming Nike Bribed Zion Williamson

Looking at Avenatti's Claim That Nike Bribed Zion w/ $$$ for Ma

Michael Avenatti has roped Zion Williamson into his Nike bribery allegations -- suggesting the shoe company paid the basketball star's mom to get him to go to Duke. Avenatti tweeted out the… READ MORE >

- 50 days ago
Sonny Vaccaro Says He'd Sign Zion Williamson To $100 Milion Shoe Deal

Sonny Vaccaro
I'd Give Zion A $100 Million Shoe Deal!!

Sonny Vaccaro -- a LEGEND in the shoe brand industry -- says he'd offer Zion Williamson a $100 MILLION endorsement deal ... telling TMZ Sports the Duke star deserves more than what LeBron got out… READ MORE >

- 52 days ago
Zion Williamson's Blown Out Nike Shoe is Missing, $250,000 Mystery!

Zion Williamson
Blown Out Nike Shoe Is Missing ... The $250,000 Mystery!!!

No one seems to know the location of Zion Williamson's infamous blown-out Nike sneaker -- not Zion, not Duke, not even Nike ... and it's a huge problem considering it's worth around $250,000!!!… READ MORE >

- 56 days ago
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