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This Week's Biggest Losers 12/23/06

12/23/2006 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the line between beauty pageants and Girls Gone Wild now completely blurred, maybe NBC should have Joe Francis host the next Miss USA telecast. In advance of that tantalizing prospect, here are the finalists for the sparkling TMZ tiara.
donald trumpDonald Trump: Apparently, last winter's squabble with Martha Stewart was only a warm-up. In what can only be interpreted as a delirious desire to prevent anything from soiling the January 7 debut of Season 6 of "The Apprentice," The Donald relocated this week to the Trump Glower, and hurled down an unbelievable stream of invective at the rosiest rabble-rouser of "The View." O'Donnell, meanwhile, has cut and pasted some rather unflattering Wikipedia info about Trump into her blog, adding that she will let readers know "if kelli leaves me for one of his pals." This is David Gest vs. Liza Minnelli on Viagra and estrogen, an East Coast battle that suddenly renders the premiere of tonight's new E! special "30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds" moot.

ivy supersonicIvy Supersonic: Okay, it's not quite on the level of Rosie vs. The Donald, but we're still getting a kick out the wonky ways this hottie and hat-designer-to-the-stars continues to amp up her beef with News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch. In case you missed it, Supersonic has been fighting in New York's Court of Appeals to prove that Murdoch's 20th Century Fox stole, from right Down Under her nose, the "Ice Age" animated character of Scrat. She isn't going to win the hearts of any would-be jurors with appearances like this week's disheveled Howard Stern drop-by. During the program, both Stern and Robin Quivers expressed concern about Supersonic's mental health, and a blogful of plaintiff well-wishers notwithstanding, Supersonic definitely came across as an acorn short of an iceberg.

bob dylan Harvey & Bob Weinstein: A spokesperson for The Weinstein Company proudly boasted that releasing "genre films" during the holiday season is an unabashed company tradition. But following last Xmas' serial killer import, "Wolf Creek," religious groups are howling over this Monday's release of the Michelle Trachtenberg/Lacey Chabert slasher flick, "Black Christmas." The house that Gwyneth built is having quite the litigious holiday, what with Bob Dylan suing to prevent the brothers' "Factory Girl" -- featuring a Dylan-like character played by Hayden Christensen -- from hitting theaters December 29. One can only assume that on the first day of next Christmas, the Weinsteins will be checking the box office grosses for "A Pervert in a Pear Tree."

bonnie fuller and janice min Bonnie Fuller, Janice Min: You may not know the names, but you sure as heck know the magazines. Fuller and Min, the respective Managing Editors of Star and US Weekly magazines, woke up Friday morning to the news that Vanity Fair -- after horning in on their Brad-Jen territory -- is apparently poised to be the exclusive first purveyor of Britney's K-Fed confessions. Then again, rumors earlier this year that Britney was going to pull a Demi on the cover of the magazine soon petered-out into a fully clothed cross-town Elle photo shoot. Now, with the Jen-fronted September 2006 issue of Vanity Fair ranking as the magazine's all-time bestseller, and Britney potentially set for a new '07 mark, it could be only a matter of time before K-Fed sits down with Charlie Rose for the full hour.

robert deniro Robert DeNiro
: Speaking of horning in on someone's territory, the month of December is supposed to be a time of highbrow Oscar contenders, not low-level Stallone sequels. Meanwhile, as you read this, "Rocky Balboa," in 2,752 theaters, is applying a surprising box-office knockout punch to the Raging Bull's second directorial effort, "The Good Shepherd," is playing on 2,182 screens. True, any movie that has Angelina Jolie as its significant other, rather than Burt Young, can't be considered a total loss (she is simply ravishing in glossy red lipstick and lace summer dress). Although DeNiro was only joking when he said at a Tuesday L.A. screening that the CIA had funded his film, a part of him probably now wishes the agency could at least handle the "Rocky Balboa" exit polling.

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You can develope your brains and character, and still compete in pageants. One is not mutually inclusive of the other. Most girls competing in pageants are highly intelligent and college educated, but you would rather believe the media portrayal on TMZ rather than the millions who compete annually and do so without all of the fanfare.

Not everyone can look pretty, and it's always been more than looks anyway.

2829 days ago

South Florida    


Rosie and her so called wife [kelly] goes to these gay discussion boards on the net and gets all their cyberfriends to come on here and side with her....its SO OBVIOUS.

She started this by SLANDERING Mr. Trump, I know he has a strong legal suit against ABC & Rosie if he chooses to proceed with it.
I for one think he should, Rosie uses the View for her format for berating and spreading her miserable hatred. Barbara Walters and ABC lets her continue to hurt people and its wrong. Rosie and ABC should be held accountable for their actions.

If you people really want to be upset about something that really matters,
CRAP OUT OF YOU. Don't you fear for them? Shes so out of control, on so many levels. What are her children exposed to? On an episode of the view she even talked about batheing with them and discussing pubic was disgusting.
Not to mention all the negativity, rudeness, disrespecting others......on & on.......
This is what should be APPALLING to people.

2829 days ago


ANYONE can look pretty. Have you seen photos of the "beautiful" stars BEFORE they were made over? Take any ordinary girl, ship her out to Hollywood and won't recognize her. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Who is the authority on what is beautiful? Certainly if you read the blogs on here you will find such differing opinions: Some think Angelina is gorgeous, others think she is not...same goes for Jennifer, JLo, Posh, Britney or any of those in the public eye. The point is why would any female want to prance about on a stage and have thousands ogle her and judge her like an animal on exhibition? It is very narcissistic of someone to think they are so beautiful that they should compete to win a prize. I certainly would not want any of my sons to date such bimbos...their track record as far as intelligence, morals, marriages and mothering skills are amongst the worst. For those of you who defend the beauty pageants you obviously are either living vicariously through your children who you parade around like some little dolls or you are participating yourself and feel the only thing going for you is a "pretty" face...either way it's sad.

2829 days ago


This is a guy who glorifies Paris Hylton and vilifies Angelina Jolie. Donald, you can get Paris p***y for free, but you only dream of smelling Angelina's P***y 's from whatever bat cave that you crawled from. By the way, the sight of you banging a woman makes me want to vomit.

2829 days ago


I wonder if the suits at NBC and it's advertisers are taking note. WHO wants to associte products with a pimp, braggart and worst of all, a hater of 'challenged women.' Let me make this fact clear, WOMEN ARE THE HOUSE HOLD deciders when it comes to making purchases of any kind. If women are offended by Trump's behavior, they ain't coming home with that TRUMP VODKA, let alone attempt to switch the dial to the apprentice. Two words, damage control!!!

2829 days ago


ok first of all i agree w/ rosie. miss USA isn't classy enough to keep her crown and she should have never been given a second chance. i mean thats clear as day. I know rosie should have never said all the stuff about trump that she said. Which it was all true... but, trump's remarks to what she said were even more ridiculous. I'm mean just because he's rich as hell doesn't make him attractive in any way. I am not a fan and never will be. i mean he has no personality and his moral values aren't good either. he's and old fart!

2829 days ago

Allred Tree    

These two should both go on "Dancing With the Stars!" If Jerry Springer could, why not them?

2829 days ago


Hell both donald and rosie are losers, big fat ugly losers!!

2829 days ago

Allred Tree    

Add to the LIST of OFFENDED by Rosie - THE CHRISTIANS!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

2829 days ago


Rosie was wrong. Sad excuse for a woman. Or is she?

2829 days ago


Trump is indeed, the biggest loser of all time. It takes a BIG man to pick on someone's family. What a wanker! Here's hoping that 2007 brings The Donald all the failure he so gloriously deserves. And for God's sake, can somebody PLEASE cancel that horrible show of his??


2829 days ago

South Florida    

92. Don't usually read Fox News...but this is rich..Rosie THREE times more charitable than the Scrooge Donald:,2933,238418,00.html

Posted at 9:44PM on Dec 23rd 2006 by billie

Fox-news is about as credible as TMZ.....LOL
Fox news has a terrible reputation.....their news is a joke,
and the person over this site Harvey Levin used to work for the national
enquirer. I heard Harvey on air america radio and Stephanie Miller exposed where he worked previously. SPEAKS VOLUMES, doesn't it?

Rosie started this.........glad Donald gave it back to her with both barrels,
She's Repulsvie.....YUCK.

2829 days ago

Tucker McKenzie    

Wow, Walter Barbera, you must be someone very special to be the voice of The Christians. Funny, I'm a Christian but I didn't receive the memo stating that you are my voice.

2829 days ago


Rosie O'Donnell started the feud with Trump. She went way overboard as she usually does. Obviously in need of more medication. She's been on meds before. She's not satisfied politely critisizing. She's got to bring it to the lowest leval. Donald Trump has nothing on this low life creature. Her contract on "The View" is for one year. Don't look for a repeat performance. Long after she's gone, the Miss USA Pageant will exist for at least fifty more years!

2829 days ago


Trump is the biggest LOSER!!
Hurling insults? making threats? denying things he knows is true? Who does he think he is? G.W.B? I really am disappointed in him. I truly did not realize how unprofessional and childish he is. If this was on The Apprentice, she would be fired and that would be that.

The Winner Rosie
Why you may ask? Because she is on a show called The VIEW, where you express your VIEWS. She expressed hers, Trump did not like her view, He went on a PERSONAL rant instead of a professional one.

2829 days ago
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