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This Week's Biggest Losers 12/23/06

12/23/2006 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the line between beauty pageants and Girls Gone Wild now completely blurred, maybe NBC should have Joe Francis host the next Miss USA telecast. In advance of that tantalizing prospect, here are the finalists for the sparkling TMZ tiara.
donald trumpDonald Trump: Apparently, last winter's squabble with Martha Stewart was only a warm-up. In what can only be interpreted as a delirious desire to prevent anything from soiling the January 7 debut of Season 6 of "The Apprentice," The Donald relocated this week to the Trump Glower, and hurled down an unbelievable stream of invective at the rosiest rabble-rouser of "The View." O'Donnell, meanwhile, has cut and pasted some rather unflattering Wikipedia info about Trump into her blog, adding that she will let readers know "if kelli leaves me for one of his pals." This is David Gest vs. Liza Minnelli on Viagra and estrogen, an East Coast battle that suddenly renders the premiere of tonight's new E! special "30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds" moot.

ivy supersonicIvy Supersonic: Okay, it's not quite on the level of Rosie vs. The Donald, but we're still getting a kick out the wonky ways this hottie and hat-designer-to-the-stars continues to amp up her beef with News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch. In case you missed it, Supersonic has been fighting in New York's Court of Appeals to prove that Murdoch's 20th Century Fox stole, from right Down Under her nose, the "Ice Age" animated character of Scrat. She isn't going to win the hearts of any would-be jurors with appearances like this week's disheveled Howard Stern drop-by. During the program, both Stern and Robin Quivers expressed concern about Supersonic's mental health, and a blogful of plaintiff well-wishers notwithstanding, Supersonic definitely came across as an acorn short of an iceberg.

bob dylan Harvey & Bob Weinstein: A spokesperson for The Weinstein Company proudly boasted that releasing "genre films" during the holiday season is an unabashed company tradition. But following last Xmas' serial killer import, "Wolf Creek," religious groups are howling over this Monday's release of the Michelle Trachtenberg/Lacey Chabert slasher flick, "Black Christmas." The house that Gwyneth built is having quite the litigious holiday, what with Bob Dylan suing to prevent the brothers' "Factory Girl" -- featuring a Dylan-like character played by Hayden Christensen -- from hitting theaters December 29. One can only assume that on the first day of next Christmas, the Weinsteins will be checking the box office grosses for "A Pervert in a Pear Tree."

bonnie fuller and janice min Bonnie Fuller, Janice Min: You may not know the names, but you sure as heck know the magazines. Fuller and Min, the respective Managing Editors of Star and US Weekly magazines, woke up Friday morning to the news that Vanity Fair -- after horning in on their Brad-Jen territory -- is apparently poised to be the exclusive first purveyor of Britney's K-Fed confessions. Then again, rumors earlier this year that Britney was going to pull a Demi on the cover of the magazine soon petered-out into a fully clothed cross-town Elle photo shoot. Now, with the Jen-fronted September 2006 issue of Vanity Fair ranking as the magazine's all-time bestseller, and Britney potentially set for a new '07 mark, it could be only a matter of time before K-Fed sits down with Charlie Rose for the full hour.

robert deniro Robert DeNiro
: Speaking of horning in on someone's territory, the month of December is supposed to be a time of highbrow Oscar contenders, not low-level Stallone sequels. Meanwhile, as you read this, "Rocky Balboa," in 2,752 theaters, is applying a surprising box-office knockout punch to the Raging Bull's second directorial effort, "The Good Shepherd," is playing on 2,182 screens. True, any movie that has Angelina Jolie as its significant other, rather than Burt Young, can't be considered a total loss (she is simply ravishing in glossy red lipstick and lace summer dress). Although DeNiro was only joking when he said at a Tuesday L.A. screening that the CIA had funded his film, a part of him probably now wishes the agency could at least handle the "Rocky Balboa" exit polling.

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How can Donald say that Rose Is Ugly? Does he own a mirror? He is homely, and the only reason he gets hot chicks is because of his wallet If he were a janitor he would be married to a woman that looks like Rosie. Who is he trying to fool?

2867 days ago


Actually Donald Trump is better looking up close. I saw him at a restaurant in New York. He has the bluest eyes and great skin. Very tall too. I was impressed. I also saw Rosie O Donell and she is a fat cow.

Don't forget t watch the Miss USA Pageant, Friday night, March 23rd from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. It'll be on NBC. Ratings should be through the roof!

2867 days ago


There are lots of strippers and prostitutes that are also hard working students. Lets not forget to commend them as well. I think Miss USA SHOULD do porn thats really what the troops and you hard working Americans need.
Lets not give these girls such a hard time for their partying ways everyone loves a good old fashioned drunken college girl lesbian scene. Especially TMZ

2867 days ago


I would also like to add that Rosie not being as gorgeous as Miss America is not a personality flaw as Trump like to point out. If this were the case his hair would make him a complete psycopath

2867 days ago


This GWEN personality sounds suspiciously like the Donald or perhaps his 'model, socialite, businesswomen,' PRETENTIOUS fat daughter.

2867 days ago

Tucker McKenzie    

Rosie once about Trump opined,

He must have found her view unkind

With his thin skin and lips,

Trump for days after flips.

And on and on Donald Trump whined.

2867 days ago


There is nothing "ROSIE" on " The View." She probably has been told to shut up more freqently than any of us care to admit. The AOL Poll and over 200,000 voted favored Trump over Rosie 61%-39%. All of you femi-nazi's who come on here to defend Rosie are pathetic. Femi-Nazi's for any of you not intelligent to know what it means are women who would rather sleep with other women. It doesn't stop there. They usually are members of the NOW, favor abortion, wear their hair like a man and dress like them too. I just thought I would generalize since some of you did the same thing to beauty pageant contestants. You lumped them all in the same group. DId I make you think? I doubt it. It would take a brain for you to do that. So go eat your Christmas goose and have a drink for Miss USA, since she can't.

2867 days ago


Your comments: Ronnie,In any kind of work invironment we have to live up to
standards. Miss USA is a full time job for one year. The winner makes
personal appearances on behalf of the Susan Koman Breast Cancer
Foundation, and travels the country and the world as an ambassador of
our country and the pageant. This is why each girl who competes signs
a contract stating that they've never been convicted of a misdemeanor
or felony, or participated in any behavior that would bring disrepute to
the pageant. 99& of those who compete are college educated, and don't
participate in behaviors the likes of Tara Conner and Katie Rees. It's
unfortunate that a nice group of young women have to be on the brunt
of the slings and arrows hurled at them from the media, and those
just not knowledgable enough to know what the job entails. As someone
who has been through it all, it is a responsibility and one that
shouldn't be taken lightly. When a Miss USA travels outside the
country is she looked upon as a representative of our country. The
same applies to state winners who travel within their state and the
nation.I ask all girls considering enter a pageant to think through
the fact that this is not just a walk across a stage, and getting a
crown and wonderful prizes. It's a job with responsibilities for a year.

2867 days ago


I believe Trump. I think Walters was forced to say she likes O'Donnell on "The View". She hired the loud mouth. I just hate her.

2866 days ago


How is it, Dakota, and Gwen (are you the same person, btw?), that you can stand up for women's rights regarding pagent participation and in the same "breath," call other women "fat cows," "bull dykes," etc.? And to mention God in there, too. Wow, is all I can say (end of the day...lack of exclamations...brain fog). No wonder so many people scratch their heads at whatever us wacky Christians said or did next. Last time I perused the Bible, Jesus was woefully short on appearance-based insults. Maybe I've not read all the way to the end. . . .

2865 days ago



Oprah Winfrey was a former Miss Black Tennessee. Now say something racist. I dare you?

2865 days ago


WEEKNIGHTS 7-8 PM PST (check cable listings).


2865 days ago


I think Barbara is as bad or worse than that stupid ass Donald she has no idea what this will do to her they are both so out of realilty donalds ratings were so low last year But I garantee you they will be lower now I will like to know the things donald has done for the arts and theater for NY if he aint making money he aint giving money

2859 days ago
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