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911 Call Over Casey Johnson's Dogs

1/6/2010 7:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned there's a fight over Casey Johnson's dogs ... a fight that has escalated to the point that cops have been called.


Nicky Hilton
and Bijou Phillips are currently at Tila Tequila's house, where the dogs have been living for the past week. Hilton and Phillips say they are there to retrieve the dogs for Casey's family.

casey johnsonTila refuses to give the dogs up and has called the cops, claiming Hilton and Phillips are trying to break in.

We're told Hilton and Phillips also want to collect Casey's other belongings.

The LAPD is currently on the scene.

UPDATE: 3:17 PM PT We've learned the LAPD is still at Tequila's house and is on the phone with Johnson's family in New York.

Story developing ...


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come on TMZ we got a live feed of some lame small claims court non sense.... get a live feeed on this pleeease

1715 days ago


I agree with post #32. It is very said that people are worried more about the welfare of dogs rather than Casey. At first I was not very sorry for Casey but after really giving it some throught I would be very ashamed if I was one of her relatives because it took years for casey to become the type of woman she was and cutting off the funds at 30 is a little too late in my book. All it did was back her into a corner and resulted in much self loathing and it does look like she gave up on life rather then continue on the downward trend. It is very possible that she died of a broken heart and most importantly, A BROKEN SPIRIT. I am sure her family could have found another, more descrete way to help her through her troubles. I would not be focusing on retrieving dogs but I would be wondering how the hell I could let a friend or family member go out so base. Very sad ending for Casey.

1715 days ago

Obama is a socialist    

TT looks like ET. Gawd what a fu@ly b1tch!!!!

1715 days ago


another spoiled brat dead
other then her family who cares?
she offered Nothing to anyone ....why is this even news?

1715 days ago


I wish I had kept the link but didn't TMZ report, when we first learned Casey had died, that Tila had called Casey on the 28th or 29th to come and get her dogs but couldn't get an answer? If so, why is now trying to hold on to the dogs?

1715 days ago


Isn't Tila pregnant as a surrogate for her own brother? This Johnson woman may have been a drug addict but the worst decision she ever made was getting involved with this Tila trash. The Johnson family should let her keep the dogs and the diamond ring. Just be done with her all together. She's bad publicity for Johnson & Johnson products, though I must say I love their products and will keep right on buying them.

1715 days ago


You stupid people Tila wasn't even with her when she died and Casey was doing hard drugs for the last 5 or 10 years now. She never would clean herself up and her family hardly helped her. To blame this on Tila make you a moron.

Tila does need to check her dumb a55 into rehab before she ends up like casey.

Funny the Johnson family had no right to the dogs and why they sent a hilton over there was just plain stupid.

1715 days ago

I Hate this lame tramp    

I wonder if the tramp will keep the ring that she always brags about - it is fake. She is such a loser and club poser. She is a ugly, washed up hooker. She acts to tough with her "army", who would follow this maniac? She is and always be a dream killer!

1715 days ago

TMZ please shut her up!    

Tila Killed CASEY!! This link will expose Tila! Tell everyone to go to this, it logs how disgusting and evil extents she will stoop to in order to get famous, even exploiting and making a mockery of CASEYS DEATH.

1715 days ago

cheryl we know about the dogts....but what about her child? who has the child and where was this child as she lay dead for 2 days in her home ????

1715 days ago


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1715 days ago


Jesus Christ, will someone please just put all these bitches down--Tila, the Hiltons, and the fugly little rat dogs.

1715 days ago


The dogs have been at Til-I TaKillya's house for a week....Casey Johnson lay dead in her bed, undiscovered for a week...If you were truly in "love" with someone and you were really "engaged" to someone, you would not have laid dead in your bed for a week before someone, THE MAID, discovered you. I fully believe that Til-I TaKillya saw and knew that Casey was dead and blew out....with the dogs, of course, because dead people can't take care of anything....and pretended not to know because Til-I TaKillya OD'ed Casey.

1715 days ago


malice in wonderland#!

1715 days ago


The dogs probably needed rescuing. That girl seem to have many problems. Wasn't taking care of her daughter and probably wasn't fit to own a dog! Good for Nicky and Bijou!!!

1715 days ago
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