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'NYPD Blue' Star -- My Life is In Danger

1/29/2010 8:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gail O'Grady"NYPD Blue" star Gail O'Grady has obtained a temporary restraining order against a man she claims has been stalking her -- and her 5-year-old son.

In court documents filed today in L.A. County Superior Court by attorneys Mark Geragos and Tamar Arminak -- O'Grady claims a man named Steven Church has been scaring the hell out of her by repeatedly showing up to a store she owns and her son's school.

According to the docs, O'Grady claims Church first approached her in September 2009 -- claiming they worked together on the show "Boston Legal." O'Grady claims he approached her with a business idea -- but clearly wanted more.

But when O'Grady refused his alleged advances, she claims Church began sending "in excess of 30 phone calls and 70 text messages in any given day."

O'Grady also claims Church wanted to pick her kid up from school -- and when she told him no, his behavior became "hostile and erratic."

O'Grady claims from that point on, Church began leaving gifts at her house for her son and visiting a store she owns and harassing employees.

But today, with the help of private investigator Scott Ross, O'Grady obtained a TRO -- which means Church has to stay 100 yards away from O'Grady and her son.

The next hearing is set for February 18 -- when O'Grady hopes to make the restraining order permanent.


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I've known Steve for a very long time. He is one of the sweetest, kindest people ever. The only thing he is guilty of is giving his heart to the wrong person and misjudging that person's sincerity. She sounds like she has many problems and possibly wants to jump start a career that's slacking. Cream rises and most people, eventually, are seen for who they really are...

1656 days ago


How cruel of some of you to make rude comments about Gail. She is an excellent actress. I have seen her in a lot of Lifetime Movies. I pray that the restraining order becomes permanent.. You go, Girl!

1691 days ago

stalkers are scum    

I've always got the gay vibe from her. She doesn't need some whacked man stalking her & her child, thinking she would be interested in him, of all things! Give her a break!

1691 days ago

Todd da Man    

She has been married and divorced SIX TIMES. So she is obviously got mental issues and is a flake.

1691 days ago


How did he get her phone number if she didn't give it to him???

1691 days ago

San Diego Girl    

The poster who claims that there was "obviously" some relationship between them is stone cold stupid. Read the article, you moron. The guy LIED about knowing her, and he has harassed people who know her by showing up at the store she owns and acting creepy about her five year old son (the freak never took her son home from school. He ASKED to take her son home and she flatly refused). He has exhibited classic stalker behavior -- stalkers always act like they know the victim and claim that they have a "relationship" when none exists. This guy is clearly a total stalker, and he appears to be a very dangerous one at that by going after her young son. Creepy as hell.

1691 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She's got a 5 year old and is getting horribly stalked? She doesn't need a RO, she needs a hunting license and effective firearm training.

1691 days ago


nothing good ever comes out of these stalking stories .we all know the court orders are a joke they do nothing .even when these guy get arrested usually its not for long they are out on the street up to old tricks . she needs to arm herself and if the guy steps onto her property and does not leave she will just have to shoot his a*s and get it over with .

1691 days ago


Post #7-Fact Checker The article states 'hurch first approached her in September 2009 -- claiming they worked together on the show "Boston Legal.' Get your facts straight next time.

1691 days ago

Jim Gather    

Church will get quite upset with me but I must say now. I have witnessed Church and Gail out together, intimately, at the W Hotel in Westwood, plus the premiere of the
Grinch musical at Pantages. Church brought O'Grady to visit Penny
Marshall at her home while she was sick in late November. He has given thousands to O'Grady
in cash, cashed signed checks, gifts that O'Grady claimed she needed to get out of
"trouble" with her business partner of Joe's Gold and Silver, Church recently discovered O'Grady was allegedly sleeping with this partner and he is married. Once Church found out the truth thru various phone calls a couple of weeks ago is when Church called her repeatedly to get his money back, find out her side of the story then to finally say he can no longer be friends. For the record, Church only came near, visited her store once, invited by Gail via sent text message back in early November. Church went to her son's school with Gail by invitation in October. He never requested to pick up her son. Never threatened her, in fact he pleaded to help Gail and his family tried to protect Gail from the true story coming out in the press while she is throwing Church to the wolves behind his back. Church and O'Grady were very close friends. Church trusted her with his life and everything he owned. THEY NEVER WORKED TOGETHER. Nor did Church want to work with her. She wanted him to attach her to a bio pic film being developed but the rights holder did not want to work with O'Grady. Church and O'Grady bumped into one another at a store in West Hollywood this past summer. Church later contacted O'Grady and left a message saying he has no script, no pitch just wanted to ask her out on a date. She called him 10 minutes later.
That is how it began. O'Grady just recently had Church over at her house to help put a multi thousand dollar trampoline in her back yard for her son 4 weeks ago, which Church paid for. While Church was at O'Grady's residence last putting the trampoline up. Church's closest friend named Chad, spoke to O'Grady on the phone as she gushed to Chad about how well Church treats her and her son. "It's like Christmas when he comes over". Church has not been near her residence since that day.
People please quit judging and let the truth come out.
Church is a victim of defamation and slander. O'Grady put this out there to defer the media away from her Pawn shop Cash for Gold scam with her married lover. The business she claims she owns, which the cheated wife, who alleges caught O'Grady sleeping with her husband and alleges O'Grady does not properly own the store. and if O'Grady does own a piece, she alleges O'Grady is not paying taxes on it, taking my from under the table, and is committing corporate fraud. The jilted wife will soon file for a divorce and is going to sue. That is the real story. This has nothing to do with Church, other than he was trying to be friend to someone who he thought was in need, then found out about the lies and deceit. This O'Grady accusation toward Church is a 100 percent fabrication for smoke and mirrors. She has done it in the past, just google John Stamatakis, Robert Claypool, Christopher Byers, same story different man. Please don't judge until you get both sides of the story. Thank you a friend who knows the truth.

1691 days ago


I will vouch for Jim's comment. O'Grady is just fingering Church to hide and distract those from her extra marital affair with Josef Shamir. If anyone has questions they should ask Josef's wife!!!

1691 days ago


Someone get that 5 year old away from her. 6 marriages???!!! WTH. She does seem to be doing shady things, then wonders why things are going bad. Sounds like a gold digger big time. WHat a shame for the kid. Get your act together, honey. If you take a gander at her length of marriages, one would have to come to the conclusion that she is not able to maintain a relationship much longer than a fart in a frying pan. Sheesh. I pity the kid.

1691 days ago


The guys a STALKER!! I hope she & kid remain safe, there are alot of dangerous people out there!

1691 days ago

Scott Ross    

I know who this guy Church is. He claims to know the celebrities, only they don't know him. He is a psycho who needs his medication adjusted. He is a stalker, I wouldn't want him near my kids either

1690 days ago

Jim Gothhelm    

And how you do know Church? I have only met him once, kind generous guy but I never heard Church state he knows "the" celebrities but I have seen him out with a few. But what difference does that make of who he knows and does not know?
Mrs O'Grady yes; I said Mrs. Has done this time and time again. JohnDoe sounds like you are a jealous soul taking a slanderous cheap shot.
People please do not judge. None of these allegations have an ounce of truth. I saw Church and O'Grady hand in hand weekend prior to Thanksgiving with her son at the Grove looking like a happy little family.
Church, there are people who are standing behind you. Chin up and to hell with "big talk" yet hide behind the computer cowards like "John Doe"...

1690 days ago
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